Terrible FPS with no reason

I have a quad core 3.2ghz processor, 6 gigs ddr3 ram, and a 512mb nvidia 8500 gt gpu.I get terrible framrates on most games that I play,all drivers up to date,everything I can think to work on,I have.I used to play L4D just fine on an older,much less decent system with windows xp,and it had the same video card i have in my new system.So what is the catch? Could it be some confliction with my new windows 7 system?
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  1. what resolution was your old machine running the game at? what is the new machine's resolution the game is trying to run?

    if you trying to get 2x the resolution on your new machine no wonder your graphics card can't cope
  2. your getting terrible fps because your gaming on a video card not a gaming card.
    the 8500gt doesn't meet minimum spec on most games. its not even as strong as the old 6600gt and thats a 5+ year old card
    the chances are you were gaming on an older machine that had a much better gaming card like a 6600,6800 or 7800gt
  3. +1 your vid card is rubbish, get a new vid card. also win7 does run things worse than xp, i recently upgraded myself. 4gb ram + is really needed for gaming in win7. Also when using win7/vista it will be using the more taxing dx10 in games that support it. right click on the game shortcut and select dx9 mode, that will help a lot.
  4. I would atleast recommend a GTX 560 with a 3.2ghz quad core. 8500GT isnt ment for gaming.
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