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I am a tech ed teacher in a very poor district. A few months ago a retired teacher donated his old PC with a burned out PSU but the MoBo seens to be OK(?). I bought a new PS and I have an new 80Gig HD (he kept the original) The MB is an ECS P4S5MG/651+ with a 2.2g P4 and 512memory.
I formated the WD HD with the CD provided with it. I then went to install the XP pro and it searches the Hardware a while then I get "INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 32768.
I searched the MS site and only found references to NT or video server related items for this error message.
Is the Mobo fried too? I understand this guy had XPhome on it before but he wasn't sure. He was just using it for E-mail and solitaire
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  1. when you get to the option to change the partion-distroy the partion you created with the WD DISK. Create a new partion in windows and format it ntfs and go on-this should resolve your problems. Windows does not like to use partions created from anything but windows.
  2. I think this covers the problem. Do what I did and try Google next time-

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  3. Thanks for the info but this doesn't work. Note that in my original message I never got to the XP setup screen that allows me to get to the point of creating any partitions. I went back to the WD setup CD and looked at the jumper setting for master, master/slave and slave and they were different that those marked on the drive itself. I reset the jumpers and then went throught the WD Cd and redid, erased the HD and made sure it was for XP NTFS. I then inserted the XP pro disk and now its just caught in a loop of inspecting the computer's hardware, going blank and then restarting and doing the same thing all over again.
  4. Steps to try out:

    1. Lowlevel format the HD.
    2. Run a disk utility and check the HD for bad sectors.
    3. Run memtest86 to check for errors made, should make NONE.
    4. Up the Vdimm and Vcore .25 volts and try again.
    5. Go into the Bios and check out the 12v and 5v to make sure it does not go past +- 5%, that is if you dont have a multimeter.

    Need to know how that old PSU got fried. Was is a surge? If so then the mobo could have been affected as well and should see it through prime95 and/or memtest86.

    Try these out....

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  5. Reset ESCD in BIOS, then set to Default configuration or Fail-Safe defaults if your BIOS offer it. Since you have a WD HD and it's the only HD in there, remove the Jumpers for the Win XP install. Make sure you also have your boot up devices set to CD-ROM first *after* you reset to default configs.
    Report back with your results if that doesn't help either..

  6. I tried everything you said and more. Still won't setup. I did the Mem test, 2 different ones. Everything OK. I downloaded the Ulitmate Bootable CD and ran several different tests and everything is goin OK.
    I remebered something from about a year ago, when I was having trouble with another computer (which turned out to be a memory card that wasn't seated all the way in) That they had solved the problem of installing XP by first installing Win98 and them 'upgrading' to XP. Worth a shot right?
    I found my old W98 CD and started to install, I couldn't find the Boot disk it asked for but I had an 'Ulitmate Boot disk for 95/98" lying around so I used that. everything was loading OK until about 70% complete when I got a "can't find CAB52 file" I started over again and went to the custom settings and loaded only the min. stuff. Got about 85% when the same thing happened.
    I dont know how the original PSU got fried. The guy that donated it wasn't sure either. I tested the old one and I was just dead, zero voltage, Fan still worked but thats it.
    Nothing was burnt so I assume the MoBo is OK. All the tests I've run seem to agree.
    I'm not sure what you mean by low level format. Explain please. I tried the XP again after the W98 fiasco and it didn't like the format. I deleted that format and now its back to looping again. just does't the check hardware and restarts.
    Very bafflng.
  7. Low Level Format is the ULTIMATE FORMAT. It COMPLETELY trashes any data and file structures on a given driver by filling EVERY possible spot on the drive with zeros. This is a good idea to utalize if you get a unremovable viruse, changing over to a different format, and in your case, cannot get past windows install. Also low level formats are usefull to combat bad sectors on the drive which could also be your problem and should use the manufactuer disk utility to scan for HS problems.

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  8. Also.. isn't low-level format a lot more than simply writing zeros to the drive?

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  9. Take my recent barracuda drive. LLF it twice with no resolve :-/

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