Some clarification regarding resolution and multi-monitor gaming

So I've been thinking about the theory of this and looking for answers all over the Internet for the past few days, but can find nothing, so I thought I'd ask directly:

I'm on the fence right now about whether to get a single high-resolution monitor (2560x1440 or 2560x1600) or 3 1920x1200 monitors for gaming. However, I am confused as to how resolution will work. I know that many newer games support the 1920x3600 and 5760x1200 resolutions, but how does that actually affect IMAGE QUALITY as opposed to a single 2560x1600 monitor?

My thought process is this, and PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong:
Running games on 3 displays does not in any way improve image quality over traditional 1920x1200 resolution, because there are not more pixels condensed into the image. Rather, those pixels are used to expand the amount of environment shown, still resulting in the same image quality of 1920x1200. Even if this wasn't the case, and the 3 monitors were showing the same image as would be present on a single monitor, the image quality is still the same. It's only larger, as the PPI is still exactly the same as on the single monitor, the image is just blown up to accommodate a larger surface. The bottom line is this: 3 1920x1200 monitors is still basically 1920x1200 image quality?

So therefore, the only way to achieve better image quality is to improve your PPI, and the way to do that is by either getting a smaller monitor (no) or by using a higher resolution screen (2560x1600).

Am I right in thinking this way? The logic sounds right, but I can't help but think I'm leaving out an important logistical component here... Thanks for the help!
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  1. depends on how much memory your gfx card has. the more memory the less upscaling is used. a card with 4 gigs of mem will display every pixel where as a card with 1 gig will display a max of 2560 and upscale it to 5760 as far as i know.
    there is a guy on here that uses a triple monitor setup so he will be able to give a better answer.
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