Are these good gaming laptops for the price?

I want to get a new gaming laptop. I dont want a desktop because I want mobility. MY price range is 900-1100. Really no more than that im on a tight budget. I found some
gaming laptops on Newegg and I have looked a other websites and can't seem to find the "best bang for the buck". So I have found 2 different laptops on Newegg that seem to
have a decent price for the machine. If you have any better suggestions please let me know. I would like to play some high end games like the new cod MW3 coming out and also RIFT on high settings. If you can find any better deals with better specs please let me know....within the 900-1100 range please :) i know one laptop is $50 over but i can make exceptions for that.


At least an i5 2nd gen or i7-720qm or better

At least 6gb of ram

I would like a 1080 screen but 1600x900 will do for 720p

Most important GRAPHICS CARD!

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    although the 2630 is rated at stock of 2.00ghz it will actualy turbo up to 2.9 so should handle most games adiquately. it will struggle on games like bad company 2 that need a 2.4quad or better as the turbo doesn't oc all 4 cores
    the 720qm is even worse off in that its only rated at 1.6 but both have very good mobile gfx solutions. the 5870 being slighlty better. but the slower cpu means both systems will perform prety equally a lot of games.
    persoanlly i would go for the 1 with the fastes stock cpu as theses very little in the gfx. maybe you can find an even faster stock cpu on another model... preferably 1 of 2.4ghz.
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