Aopen AK73 Pro: Blackout when using CD-ROM

Here's my problem:

I've just installed my new system with Aopen AK73 Pro and AMD Athlon 1.2GB 200FSB.
I'm running on Win2k 2195 (tried both clean install and SP2).

Anyhow, my stystem is rock-stable. No hangs, no freezes, no anything. It
seems to work perfectly. But then I push the CD-ROM tray open, insert a
disc, and pushes tray in. Then suddenly, when CD-ROM spool up, the system
just power off. This has happened several times. But nor consequently every
time I use the CD-ROM. I might be able to use it for 5-10 min, then it
happens. It only happens when using the CD-ROM though.

I need help to figure out what's the problem here. Anyone had similiar
problems? Anyone know what causes the blackout?

I have one theory then, the power supply. But I don't wanna run off buying a
new 100$ housing, just to find it didn't solve the problem. So I just wanted
get some advice.

My system:

Aopen AK73 Pro
AMD Athlon Socket A 1.2GB 200FSB
Fan: Coolermaster EP5-6I11
Power-supply: Aopen HX45, ATX/microATX Mid-tower, 250W/235W ATX
IDE1 Pri: IBM-DTLA-307045
IDE1 Sla: IBM-DTLA-305020
IDE2 Pri: Sony CD-RW CRX140E
IDE2 Sla: None
PCI1: None
PCI2: Creative Live Player 1024
PCI3: Realtek RTL8029(AS) PCI Ethernet Adapter
PCI4: None
PCI5: None
Onboard Ac'97: Active
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  1. Why don't you try this as an experiment:

    Boot to DOS (Win98 version or whatever) from a floppy, install one of many readily available ATAPI CD drivers in your config.sys plus MSCDEX in your autoexec. Now try banging on your CD and see if it does the same thing. It should help you pinpoint without a shadow of a doubt that its hardware rather than something in Win2K

    It's always the one thing you never suspected.
  2. Hi!

    I think maybe the problem is related to the system getting too little power when in Win2k. I have a PS with 235W.

    When in DOS I didn't get powerdown. But many of the devices are for sure not in use then. In win2k environment the system utilize a lot of different devices at the same time, and then it blacks out.

    By the way. When I installed win2k, it runs checks on a lot of components simultanously. But I had no hangs during this period. I recall I have added one HD since I installed, and after this the problem reoccured.

    Anyone got any opinion on this. Will getting a better Power Supply probably solve my problem?

    I'm interested in getting views on this before spending money on a new housing.
  3. SOunds like PS is most likely your problem. I didn't realize you were running < 300W to begin with.

    What kind of video card you running? I didn't see it in your equipment list

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  4. Hi again!

    I'm almost certain now that it's the PSU. Think I'll get my self a new one now.

    By the way, I'm using ATI Rage Fury Pro AGP4X
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