Gaming mice with thumb DPI adjustment buttons?

I'm looking for a mouse with adjustable DPI. I looked at the G500 and the G9 mice but it looks like you have to push the DPI buttons with your index finger. I was hoping to have buttons that I push with my thumb so I can scope in quick and lower my sensitivity right away for a shot, then switch it back when I'm done. Taking my finger off the trigger seems counter intuitive for this, as it would slow me down quite a bit. It sounds like the MadCatz RAT series can do something like this with a thumb switch. Is it a decent mouse, and are there any other options? Am I expecting too much with this adjustable DPI feature?
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  1. With some of the razer mice, you can program the thumb buttons (or any buttons) to adjust your dpi.
  2. Hmm, I guess that could work. Is the DPI adjustment like a toggle or do I have to press the button multiple times to change it? That's the main thing I like about the RAT, that you can have 2 different sensitivities that you switch between with one button press
  3. I think you can set it up as a toggle (press once for low DPI, press again to go back to high). I don't actually use it.

    I think for the RAT you just hold down that red button for low DPI and release it to go back to normal which is cooler, IMO. I was trying to figure out if it was possible to write a macro that would mimic the function of the RAT's sniper button but I don't think it's possible.

    Edit: I just read that this has been a feature in MS Intellimouse Explorer for years. Maybe you can try it if you have a MS mouse?
  4. I have a DeathAdder. I guess I just have to look for someone with a RAT and ask them about it
  5. i have the lachesis and its control panel lets you configure any button to a dpi switch.
    with a g500 its slightly more difficult you have to go into the config file and adjust it manually.
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