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When I play a game I only get random numbers when I type letters I've tried turning number lock off but it didn't fix any thing. I have windows vista dell inspiron 531 default hard ware.
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  1. Make sure your drivers are all up to date and your keyboard settings are correct.

  2. oops
    wish you lucky and why not try some easy games.
    like the angry bird and balance.
  3. Nihilis said:
    Make sure your drivers are all up to date and your keyboard settings are correct.


    COMYY don't reply obviously you have no idea what I'm talking about I've gotten through cod mw several times on hardened difficulty.

    how do I correct my key board settings I've tried doing it when I go into the game and try to program buttons for actions every time I press a I get a different number plus while I'm not in a game the numerical keys behave fine.
  4. I tried going into control panel and selecting key board all it gives is speed and hardware i've tried updating driver a to no avail and hardware option just give info and update driver option so I tried regional and language options and I get formats which adjusts numerical settings not the option I need, location, (which country), keyboards and Languages country only one for my country location of language bar which still doesn't show up when i either select task bar or floating on desktop, advanced key settings which asks how I want to turn caps lock on/off, action keys for input languages: between input languages showing (none) to English united states - US Ctrl+Shift+0 and change key sequence which allows me to program what key sequence to shift between languages and key sequence for English...
  5. some one help
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