Starcraft 2: Access_Violation (0xC0000005)

Hello. Some days ago my Starcraft 2 started crashing every game. I tried to change my resolution, my settings but nothing changes, every game my game crashes and I have the Blizzard classic error window. Sometimes it crashes instantly after the loading, others after 5-10 mins. And it's not only Starcraft 2: other games have problems too, like low fps. I didn't change anything in my pc settings or hardware. Today I tried with memtest but it says no errors at all. My pc: Intel core 2 6300 1.86GHz, 2GB ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 220, win7 ultimate 32bit. Could you guys help me please?

Sorry for the bad english and thank you very much for the help ^^.

Edit: Maybe when I will understand how to use spoilers I'll post the error log too. lol.
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  1. I believe your system is not rated to play starcraft 2.

    you might be overheating your hardware components and thus causing the crashes/thermal damage to hardware.

    get speedfan or hwmonitor and check the temperatures when you're running the games.
  2. +1 for AntiZig, SC2 is a processor hog and if you comp runs it then I'd be amazed. First, it needs a high clock speed for it to run very well, at least a 3.0 dual core.
    Next, it looks like your graphic card is not even supported in this game.
    This will also explains why you are getting low FPS in most games, your comp is not a gaming comp, it will barely play games (if you're lucky)

    You need to read the system specs before you buy the game.
  3. First of all thanks for the help. Yes, my pc is pretty old but before the appareance of the error everything was running perfectly (SC2 with medium settings, and the other game i tested had like 50-60fps before, now 20-30). I know it's not the best pc but it was working well before the bad day T_T.
  4. theres lots of reasons for c5 access violation, it just means your program tried to access part of the memory it wasnt supposed to. possible virus, possible corrupted files, possible disk damage and driver failure can all cause c5 violations.
    you need to check the admin logs and the game error logs to see what caused it. whether it be the exe, a file assosiated to the exe or a windows error including driver fails.

    and yeah your system is way below spec, the chances are your running the game off your page file and if so is probably the reason for the error. if this is the case you will be able to run the game for a short while but as soon as the page file fragments you will get the error again.
  5. I ended the entire campaign, played a lot of custom match, playing for several hours without quit the game too, and everything was perfect. But some days ago my SC suddenly started crash after ~5mins... honestly i don't think this is the problem. However i'll do some tests like speedfan as you guys suggested before and i'll post the results.
  6. 0xC0000005 happens when memory is written to a location where it is not supposed to be written. Common causes include viruses, bad device drivers, or bad memory.

    In this case, I'd say the most likely cause is that one of your RAM sticks is going bad. Run memtest86 for a few hours and see if it picks up any faults.

    Next likely culprit would be a bad device driver, or a virus.
  7. ^^ Possibly, but I'd assume SMART would pick up the bad sectors after a reboot. Not ruling it out though.
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