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My ps3 is weird idk if its broken but i hope not

i play Black ops adn recently my ps3 has been overheating till ti just freezes and i unplugg it :(
i am able to start ps3 and black ops and the ps3 is SILENT then a few sec or even a min into my first match online the fan whirls up very loud liek a vacume cleaner
but i still play it (i know i shouldent but...) and then i finish the match and it freezes on the loading screen u know before we return to the lobby (which btw i think cost a loss cuz i leave the game) then i turn it off

what i tryed:
well customer support is wayy out of question cuz i bought the PS3 from a pawn shop and its worked great for 1 year untill now

I reapplyed the thermal paste with VIO brand and i wonder if thats the prob Should i use arctic silver?
i have taken the ps3 apart many times so there is BARELY any dust in it. also the ps3 sits a few feet off the ground

what should i do?

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  1. Well, the fat PS3's going silent, then revving up is normal, due to the way the fan cycles on/off. Not really any way to confirm its a temp issue...
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