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I'm looking for the cheapest gaming desktop. I would like it to be a keeper, one that I could upgrade every aspect of when neccessary. I would also like to run multiple graphics cards. The system should 2 or more PCI-Express cables.
I have scoured the internet but cannot find any reasonably priced gamings rigs like this anywhere. I've asked countless sellers to no avail. So, any help is much appreciated.P.S. They graphics cards don't need to be included, as I can buy them separate, or if you need to pay more for them, I could do that, thanks in advance.
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  1. All of this makes sense except "cheapest", especially with multiple graphics cards. SLI/xfire only makes sense in the $1000 range.
    You'll only accept prebuilt? It would be cheaper and more customizable, and you'd understand it better too (for later upgrading) if you put this thing together yourself. Only in this way could you put together exactly what you want.
    What is your budget, and what do you need this thing to run? Monitor res, type of games, etc.
  2. yes i agree the best thing to do would be to build it your self PLUS u will probly save yourself 500$ or more because u can look for the part at the cheapest prices

    mine that i built cost 135$ and thats with
    a 2.8GHZ P4 4GB RAM and a HD radeon 4350
  3. When you said $135
    what did you mean
  4. lol i meant what it cost to upgrade 135$ = 4gb ram (upgraded from 512mb) +hd radon 4350 (up from onbord) and thats

    links? wanna?

    HD RADEON 4350 <-- 39$

    4GB RAM order 2 b <-- 70$

    pentium 4 2.8GHZ <-- 10 dollars (free shipping) LOL

    You can get them used and save a good 50$ or more

    That's what i got for my system it might not work for yours.
  5. also yes amazon
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