Help me Please! Problem w/ ASUS A7M266

can someone help me with this, because im baffled. allright, i bought my asus mobo in february, and, after initial problems having it set up, its been working fine until recently. recently, however, strange things began to happen. at first i noticed that my cpu temp. which had been averaging previously 38 C, 28c idle, is now averaging 44- 46C, sometimes even going up to 50C. on top of that, and even more irritating, is that my computer began to skip. i can be scrolling my browser, or typing email, or playing a game, and it will skip and then keep going like nothing happened; with the result that nothing that i do runs smoothly. now, almost immediately i suspected my memory, so i used ASUS' nifty utility to check my physical memory usage. and this is what i found, nearly 100% of it was being used. im not sure what the number is supposed to be, but that doesnt look right, especially so since i wasnt running anything at the time. here are my system specs, so if you can help me out with anything i would really appreciate it.

900 mhz Athlon-B (200mhz FSB)
ASUS A7M w/ on board audio
Alpha heatsink w/ Sanyo Denki Fan (PAL 6035)
Crucial 128 Mb PC 1600 DIMM Non ECC
Antec CAse
300 Watt Power supply
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  1. Well that's a by the book setup for sure. Are you sure it isn't your windows installation or a software issue. Perhaps a bios configuration? Also, if you aren't running the latest bios, give it a try. You could also clear your cmos (just remove your mobo battery) just to be on the safe side. I'm assuming you are using the latest via drivers, but also consider the latest video drivers, and directx 8. I have my doubts that your hardware is to blame, but you never can tell. Focus on software, drivers, and mobo settings.

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