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Sup people,

I'm currently looking for a complete laptop. Meaning able to do some office apps, IT school stuff and unfortunately for my wallet: gaming and a bit of web design with photoshop. So I went looking in the Alienware products, witch doesn’t come cheap and those high end laptops like HP, Compaq and Dell. I'm wondering if I should get a high-end laptop and take options for gaming or buying a gaming laptop? Anyone got an idea or even best, tried both? Cause there is a bit of a price difference between both?

Thx in advance
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  1. How long do you plan to be away from an outlet on average? That is a pretty good place to start when getting a notebook :)
    Gaming laptop:
    maybe 1hr batt life
    high graphics performace (will play new games almost as well as a desktop)
    high cpu performace (will most likely have a desktop cpu)
    extra high heat output (they arn't "lap"tops ;)
    Very Expensive
    Office laptop:
    moderate graphics performance (will play all new games just not at highest graphics)
    moderate cpu performace (more than enough for office tasks, photoshop, etc)
    moderate heat output
    not to expensive (with the exception of IBM)

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