Is micerosoft office pro 2007 compatible with windows 7

Hello, I have installed Microsoft Windows Pro on 7 x 64 and works ok but cannot get the updates to install for it or Office outlook
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  1. lldrapery said:
    Hello, I have installed Microsoft Windows Pro on 7 x 64 and works ok but cannot get the updates to install for it or Office outlook

    Ok typo, meant to say that I have Windows7x64 and Microsoft Office Pro 2007 works ok, but cannot update it or Office Outlook. Also windows explorer quits working and restarts all the time. Any suggestions on how to fix this or do I need to start all over and restore factory and go from there.
  2. It works just fine. I've been running it since Windows 7 came out.

    Exactly what happens when you try to do the updates? Are you getting any error messages? If so, please list them here.

    With Explorer quitting on you, it makes me wonder if something is corrupted. How long has this been happening? Do you have the restore option enabled? If so, if you know when this started to occur, maybe you should go back to the restore point that was created before the event/time when you started seeing this problem.
  3. I bought this laptop from Best Buy...think I made a big mistake by letting them clean unnecessary files off it before taking it home. I did this once before on another laptop a few years back and they deleted a lot of things that should not have been deleted. I was in a hurry this time as this is my business computer and I had many programs to install and recover data in 2 day so I would be up and running for next business day. The error is 646. This is a Sony Vaio and it has a maintence program on it. The updates that will not install are Office 2007 - Office Suite Service Pack 2, KB967642, KB951944, KB951550 and for Outlook - KB2291599.
    Maintence programs tells me there is 1 disk frag problem, 972 Disk cleaner problems, 711 Registry problems, & 1 registry defrag problem. I let it try to fix them but it can't. I have had this laptop a total of 2 weeks and have had trouble from the first day. I have had many computers as far back as DOS so I am not new to problems, but this is beyond me. Called Best Buy Geek Squad, they told me that it wasn't anything they did of course and that I may just have to take off automatic updates and not update the ones that will not install or stop using the software that will not update.....wonder where they get their knowledge??? That did not set well with me as I paid a nice price for this laptop.Thought I would give you all the info first before I restore to see what you think.. thanks for your time in this matter .PS. all other programs update fine .
  4. I would do an uninstall of office. Try it first with the supplied uninstaller. If that doesn't work, then go here ->

    I would also try it with Revo uninstaller as well to really make it clean.

    Then, reboot and do a clean install of Office and see what happens. Worse comes to worse, you might have to completely wipe out Windows and reinstall it, especially if the Geek Squad got a hold of it.

    I haven't been that impressed with them. My mother used them and they just seemed to make matters worse. I ended up having to reinstall everything from scratch for her.
  5. Thank you, I forgot to mention that I have reinstalled Office & Outlook twice already, so think it's time to start over. They made me restore disk, hope they work as I can't order from Sony till 27th as they are updating their website. Wish me luck and thank you for all your help
  6. here's the tool from MSFT that fixes the problem:
  7. Thank you, will try it before I restore after I close business today. Appreciate all the help
  8. lldrapery said:
    Hello, I have installed Microsoft Windows Pro on 7 x 64 and works ok but cannot get the updates to install for it or Office outlook

    Thanks for all the help. I found the issue. I let best buy geek squad take off unnecessary files when i bought the laptop. Could not use any restore points, so had to restore to out of box . I have been able to get all updates etc since I did this. Again thanks for all the help. Windows office works just fine now
  9. Geek squad. What a joke.

    Glad you got it fixed.
  10. wow. agreed..
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