A7V FSB Question

(just b4 i start my post, i am not a damned strange, i used to be a nimble knuckle dammit... but i lost my account, now... *ahem* i shall continue)

:cool: i love my motherboard, yeah sif...

I got this A7V here, which has caused me plenty of problems and will be thrown out as soon as i can get a new one (and a new monitor, another hdd, a dvd and more ram hahah :)). But anyway, i wanna know what the general consensus is when it comes to overclocking FSB with this shitbox... At the moment i got my Tbird 1.1 running at 1.3ghz (12.5x100 (and the cpu is at like.. 103 all the time for some reason) so it's 1303mhz) and it's nice and cool with my shitty little Taisol HSF (broke the clips on the mobo so i can't use my thermoengine dammit! mmm heatpipe...) so yeah, i wanna know if you guys reckon i could run the ol' A7V at 133mhz FSB. I know the general thought is no, but then, why the hell does the BIOS allow the change to 160mhz if it's go no chance in hell of ever making it to that, i think it's a bit strange and with the right amount of tweaking (PS: the definition of tweaking is: getting everything you can out of something you paid little for, until it dies, in which case you smash it repeatedly with a ballpeen hammer) (according to the dictionary of BasS) i think it could make it to 133... Which would make me pretty darn happy coz i could get my CPU going a bit faster... it's a quality CPU, AMD sent me it to replace the one i crushed, cost me nothing but it's awesome...


A7V at 133?


Who needs drugs when you got BasS?
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  1. <b>A7V at 133?</b>
    It's not possible. You need at least KT133<b>A</b> chipset mobo as <b>A7V133</b> to run CPU at 133 FSB.
  2. How did u lose you account?

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  3. haha.. simple... the email i used to register (theaudiophile) expired and therefore, i can't get the new password (which i forgot)

    <b><font color=blue>Who needs drugs when you got <font color=black><i>BasS?</i></font color=black></font color=blue></b>
  4. Wishful thinking help?

    <b><font color=blue>Who needs drugs when you got <font color=black><i>BasS?</i></font color=black></font color=blue></b>
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