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I know this is the XP board, but I'm hoping someone can help me with regards to trying to Move some Emails that reside in Outlook. Built a new computer for my daughter and she wants all her emails from her current Outlook moved to the new computer's Outlook. So, has anyone done this ?? I'm hoping there is an export type feature like explorer has :<<
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  1. MS released a patch for outlook that adds a backup function. You can get it here: <A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=8b081f3a-b7d0-4b16-b8af-5a6322f4fd01&DisplayLang=en" target="_new">http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=8b081f3a-b7d0-4b16-b8af-5a6322f4fd01&DisplayLang=en</A>

    It will backup your mail .pst files. You can then use it to restore them on the new computer.

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  2. Just as a reminder don't forget to export the conacts list. I always forget that damend thing cuz it is a diff file :)

    Exporting it as "comma separated values (Windows)" seems to work the best for me.

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  3. In Outlook you can create a PST (Personal Folder) which might be an easy option.
    Go to File - New - Outlook Data File - take the defaults, place the file somewhere that you can get to it. On your left task pane (if you were in the Folder view) you'll see a Personal Folder. Copy/Move any folder to the Personal Folder, close Outlook, Copy the file to diskette(??) or CD, transport to your new computer. To get it on your new Outlook, copy the PST to a location on your computer, in Outlook go to File - Open - Outlook Data File - navigate to the PST, hit Ok, and it'll show up again.
    Note: The PST does not reside in the Outlook profile so if you delete the profile, you won't lose these emails.

    My preference is to have my email delivered to my Personal Folder incase my profile is corrupted; I won't lose my spam and penis enlargement emails.. er I mean my valuable emails. :)

    That's an option under Tools - Accounts - edit the account.

    I've had tons of experience dealing with people losing emails and stuff in Outlook which is why I recommend this. People like to delete things for some reason..

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