What do you want in future PC games?

Alright, I really am sick of not being heard by game developers. Millions upon Millions of rants in the forums by millions of PC gamers and it still feels like PC gamers are ignored.

I have an idea for toms hardware: how about creating a section to give gamers a voice, and submitting it to game developers once a month about what we want in future games? Kind of like the section for bad hardware like maximum PC's "DOG POUND" (can't find it on tomshardware ?? forget what its called) but to give PC gamers a voice..

Just an idea..

Anyways, if you like my idea, please post your idea's in this thread to keep it alive. No huge rants please, lets not torment the devs, lets just put our idea's out there and hope someone listens. (I put this in quotes to keep it clean looking)

1. So, If you could talk to the developers, what features would you want in a game?

2. In any particular game, what would you have done different?

3. Anything else you would like to say?
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  1. 1. a. I would like DirectX 11 in every game with max eye candy
    b. Fully optimized games to take full advantage of my PC hardware, No 20 FPS at half GPU or CPU utilization.
    c. More Free roam open world games and less "ON RAILS" games, no invisible walls, I want freedom
    d. More options, customizing, for in game characters and items
    e. Split screen - multiplayer games like the consoles, I'd love to have more games like street fighter or NBK 2k10 where I can have friends over and play
    games "With them" on one computer, (even if its two monitors, one person per monitor). You can use two XBOX 360 controllers at the same
    time on the PC with the wireless reciever, so to me, this seems obvious to me. Why the game developers don't build games for the pc with more
    then one person in mind is beyond me.
    f. Every game should be 3D ready
    g. I'm not sure what the general consensus is on this, but I would like all games to support Steam, IMO it's the best service, and I don't want a hundred different game
    download steam clones on my system. Steam works, and it's the best IMO.
    h. All multiplayer games should have server list's to pick from, not the "Auto connect server" options
    i. I'd like to see more physics in games, wether it's physX or havok, I don't care as long as it isn't completely scripted
    j. All games should have controller support
    k. I'd like it if they would come up with a new anti-cheat system, sick of games getting ruined by hackers who use auto-aim and see through wall hacks. Seems like the
    hacks are released before the games. This is a huge problem, and IMO punkbuster doesn't work, I think they need a new system.

    2. a. GTA IV- I love what they did with the game, I wish it had planes and jetpacks like san andreas, and I wish it would actually make use of my graphics cards.
    b. Crysis 2- I wish it was an open world completely free roam game, and made use of directX 11. Still waiting for patch, can't wait.
    c. Just Cause 2- Would love multiplayer
    d. Oblivion- Would make the whole elderscrolls into an MMO
    e. Dirt 2 & 3. Would love to have free roam multiplayer map in the desert or hills like the ATV games where we could play tag or do stunts in the cars

    3. I dunno, ill repost later (at work :o )

    i love the freedom in minecraft where u can build anything and no1 else can break it down (unless ur on multiplayer) and the worlds are infinate
  3. 1. Campaign Co-op
    2. For games who only have vs multiplayer to stop advertising they are co-op
    3. Games developed for PC, then dumbed down for consoles.

    4. No sequel should be made if they can't at least attempt to make it as good as the first (crysis 2 should not have been made...Mass effect 2...ect)

    There should be no compromise on these points.
  4. I would like actual utilization of DX11 effects when a game is ran in DX11. Metro is a good example, with AvP being a bad example. A deep and driven storyline with characters I care about whether it be a shooter, rpg, etc.
    I agree with nocturnal - Develop for PC first then dumb it down for console play, It might take more to develop, but will probably sell more in the long run with PC gamers as well.
  5. Games that can work on lower spec computers to bring in more pc gamers but still utilize highend systems to make everyone happy.
  6. Well what is search for in games in high-end graphics. I want the game to feel as real as possible. The best graphics in gaming I seen yet is Battlefield 3. That 12min video and other videos were really the best. The environment graphics have been great since the 2007s but the player model, especially the face, haven't been so impressive.

    Also 3D depth, which nVidia is working on, is a basic requirement.

    Also, most games these days are focused for consoles not PCs, like Uncharted series only for PS3. I'd really like equal emphasis on consoles and PCs.

    And more sandbox style gaming like the GTA series.
  7. more open world first person RPG style games like morrowind/oblivion/fallout 3. Have played many other RPG games, but none compare to these. Graphics options and scalability to a wide range of systems is a must to keep high end gamers happy, and for those who dont want to spend 1000's of $$ upgrading PC's all the time, to be able to play the game smoothly on lowered settings. An example of the wrong way to do this is crysis 2 - only options are "advanced, hardcore and gamer" I didn't even know which was the higher setting till i researched it....

  9. I was thinking what would be really cool in crysis 2 in multiplayer, if they had a game mode where it was team vs team, but in some open spots like in the wallstreet map out in the street they had the giant robots out shooting. Kind of like player vs. Player vs. Ai. That would really require some skill and would add a lil depth to multiplayer.
  10. usbgtx550 said:
    Games that can work on lower spec computers to bring in more pc gamers but still utilize highend systems to make everyone happy.

    yes, that's true. Not many pc gamers tend to upgrade their pc just to get the new crysis 2 or COD black Ops working.
    The developers should really consider low spec computers when developing games. atleast running the game in low video res, low detail should be there, even if the graphics become crappy.
  11. Just got this idea today: So sick of hackers hacking games, it's ruining many online games. It might not be obvious to the software, but it's obvious when you are playing, especially when you have a full team on both teams, and every ones kill to death ratios are 1 to 1 or less, and then you have some dude with 30 kills and 0 deaths.

    So, My idea would be to have a way for players to submit players names "In Game", for instance, in the options setting have a "Cheaters" section where you type in the name. Then when the name gets submitted, they can be investigated. Of course they will have to make the name linked to there game registration number.

    How do they get "investigated" you ask?

    This is actually simpler then it seams, all they have to do is when the person is on, use a game phishing server, so when the investigate player logs onto a server, it actually logs them onto a fake server and records them playing. Then it compares that data to the data compared against some of the best human players. If that player is 3 times better then the best in the world against regular players, then you know they are hacking if they are doing it consistently. They could also have the game do a memory dump from the persons computer, have them sign a ula when they read the game (you know nobody reads those things), saying that they can analyze the memory while the game is going, looking for common hacking programs.

    If the hackers say they didn't do it, then have them drive somewhere (Maybe have one test station per state or something) and tested to see if they are really that good. If they have been tested, then that name could be tagged so that people know he was tested, and really is that good. That way there aren't verbal battles going on while ur playing.

    Here is another idea: SUE THE PEOPLE MAKING THE HACKS!! I mean come on!! there are so many well known hacking sites, that sell and the hacks or hacking services, it's has to be ruining the profit of the game developers software.. So, and I always wonder this, how come the game developers don't sue the hacking companies?

    Unless of course, the developers are helping to create the hacks as an additional income source. ?? How else would the hacks be out before the games?!?! I really think this sometimes.

    SERIOUSLY, if something isn't done about this, then I could see a day where people don't play online games any more, or everyone has to hack just to be able to play.

    Look at these sites I found in 2 minutes just doing a simple google search:

    I could keep going.. It's ridiculous because they blame pirates for stealing games and hurting profits, Really?, what about all the honest people who get sick of buying games because they are sick of there game being ruined by hackers cheating.

    There is a big loss to the whole fun factor of a game when no matter how good you are there is no chance to win.

    SORRY- I know in my original post I said no rants, so I broke my own rule. Sorry. Just was playing tonight and some guy had 29-0 kill death ratio, and everyone was pissed, so I ended up just quiting for the night. Every night it's getting worse.

    Post in this link if you are sick of hackers ruining your game:


    (edit: sorry, thread was removed for some reason..???)
  12. 1.
    A - more scale, depth and atmosphere. That means more clutter, more objects, more variety, more stories, more pointless details, more choices, more armour/weapons/clothing, more quests, more quest choices. All these things make games BIGGER and allow us to not only become more immersed in a more prevalent atmosphere, but also, more things to do and more choices always give a game more playability value. Don't force us, or lessen/cheapen our choices - no invisible Walls, no pointless moral decisions, no stealing control...

    B - Story>Gameplay. Gameplay should be a way to drive story, not the other way around. Lore/stories/characters should be more important than gameplay becAuse they add more depth to the game.

    C - Offer multiplayer options to every game applicable.

    D - Dedicated servers for every multiplayer game with anti-cheat software.

    E - Allow our rigs to produce the bang we payed for with out buck. PC should be the epitome of top end gaming with top graphics, added/extra conent. At the moment it can feel a bit neglected.

    F - Don't simplify games. Simplicity = bad, because it loses novelty faster than deep and insightful, unless it can offer some sort of thrill to keep people hooked. Even so, depth is better than simplicity, as it offers more was to play the game.

    G - Don't go all Duke Nukem on us: Don't leave games too long before you release them. And don't add adult material just for the sake of it, as it ruins the flow and makes the game feel like it's trying too hard.

    H - Make games more intelligent. People learn well from games, and games are spread among the community on a vast scale. Not only do games like KOTOR2 (TSLR) that have a lot of philosophy seem much more deep and meaningful, and are much more enjoyable for people like me who value that; they also educate people, even if it's subconscious.

    I - Add all games to Steam. Try not to be so competitive, we as customers should be your main concern, not your rival companies. If everyone pooled resources you could make much better stuff for us.


    A - Oblivion - I would have after 9 months invited top mod developers to try to incorporate their changes into the game via an official patch.

    B - Duke Nukem - provided it for free.

    C - WoW - used the insights you gained during Vanilla, TBC and WotLK to make a better attempt at your 4th xpac. No instant gratification, no simplification of the game , no homogenisation, maintaining focus on story>gameplay, ensuring world PVP continued, no flight in Azeroth, no gimmicks in place of solid mechanics/story, and ensured the world was still used by all characters, as currently cities are the place players spend the majority of their time on average.


    A - Story+Setting+Depth*Atmosphere(=scale)=Immersion>Gameplay. That doesnt mean gameplay doesn't matter (it should be top notch) but gameplay is the car, and story are the roads, sights, locations and lands. Story should be the founding structure.


    C - Games like Skyrim (I hope) and Oblivion are great example of deep, immersive games. Learn from companies such as Bethesda and Bioware (Mass Effect, KOTOR1+2(TSLR)).

  13. Specifically: I'd like to see an increase in AI in many games. With all the computing power at your disposal, you can't make a game with enemies that know how to dodge, jink, retreat, regroup and take cover? Really?

    ....And I want more intelligent wounding. I want enemies that limp and scream. I want decreased accuracy from a wounded opponent. I want opponents that are demoralized when you shoot their leader.

    ..I want varying levels of intelligence and coordination among enemies. You can't do this? Really?

    and P.S.: I want great utilization of strategic elements and RPG in PC games. Just a minor rant....but it goes along with the 'no console port' complaint.
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