nVidia's Crush chipset

Rumor has it nVidia's Crush chipset is going to be released on June 4th. Just think- if nVidia is the leader in graphics processing technology- what can they do for processor chipsets?! Can't wait.

-MP Jesse

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  1. I'm also looking forward to it.

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  2. I'm looking forward to that, too. Interesting how the new strategic partnership of AMD with nVidia works out. Hopefully, it will result in better AMD-based chipsets and reduced VIA's influence in that area.

  3. I have heard references to Crush, nVidia, and AMD. I have not been able to put the pieces together. Is there anywhere that I can read up on the Crush chipset?
  4. There's really not much to tell. Crush is going to be another AMD DDR chipset. nVidia developed it mainly for the XBox- but they've ported it to the PC. Everyone is so excited because AMD aparently helped nVidia out a lot with this chipset- which could mean it'll be very fast. Also, AMD and nVidia have announced they'll release Crush and the 760MP on the same day- June 4th. Coincedence? I don't think so...

    -MP Jesse

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  5. I'm buying one the first thing!!!!!!!!!!!
    ASUS & GEforce Crush & A4!!!!!
    Gefofce 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gaming as I believed It would be!!!!
    Have I died & gone to Heven????

    Skinny , I'm biting!!

    How do you eat a elephant? One bite at a time!

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  6. Hard to say what it will turn out like. I hear the reason for such a late release was that they were having the same type of southbridge problems that have plagued AMD and VIA for years.

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  7. Hmm don't know if that chipset will be out on June 4.
    From what I hear Via is taking Nvidia to court about that chipset. We'll have to wait and see what happends
  8. It will still be released, just how much nvidia ends up paying Via in the end is up to the courts. Personally I don't think that nvidia stole anything from Via, Via is just upset that they may have some real competition from a company that will produce in a volume equal to theres. Via as much to fear.

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  9. I think nVidia have bad track record on patent infringement. I still remember it was sued by 3DFX and two other company for patent infringement on their graphic chip.
  10. "From what I hear Via is taking Nvidia to court about that chipset"

    so, Trident is taking Via to court too so via will loose the mostest money :)
  11. Check out the reviews of the new sis 735 chipset. It's even faster than AMD760. If Crush doesn't perform well (which seems unlikely), there's always sis...

    The review is on www.socketa.com I think.

    Another computer wanted. Donations accepted. :^)
  12. I have to point out that AMD helped Nvidia with the crush chipset so if Via blames Nvidia then they are indirectly blameing AMD as well. That is the very reason why Crush is expected to do good, because AMD themselves helped with it. And like it has been said time and time again, "No one knows a CPU like the CPU manufacture themselvs" which is why the CPU manufacture can almost always produce the fastest, most stable chipset. Just in AMD case, they don't want to be a chipset maker. So they instead work closely with nvidia and get same performance/stability with ability to mass produce.

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  13. Quote:
    I have heard references to Crush, nVidia, and AMD. I have not been able to put the pieces together. Is there anywhere that I can read up on the Crush chipset?

    <A HREF="http://www.rolotech.com/previews/NVIDIA_Crush/Crush.htm" target="_new">Here</A> ya go...
  14. I have a feeling that Nvida will do the smart thing and fully test out their bios. lol Think about a chipset with a stable bios when it first hits a market. It will be a new trend and a good marketing tool.

    Ok, I am being silly, but there is some truth in what I just said. CRush 12 have been in the Mobo companies for a very very long time. Enough time for them to create a good mobo. Nivida is just doing the silent treatment and leaving the news sites out. Maybe they do not want the hype, can be bad... look at VIA, lol.

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  15. and here...

    <A HREF="http://www.viahardware.com/winhec3.shtm " target="_new">http://www.viahardware.com/winhec3.shtm </A>

    and here...

    <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/24050103.htm " target="_new">http://www.theinquirer.net/24050103.htm </A>

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  16. I am reading, but why would a Mobo have gf2 MX.... Couldn't a mobo company easily replace it with GF3 or gf2 ultra... think of using 256meg ddr dimm with a gf2 ultra.. ***drool***

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  17. Only drawback I see in useing system memory in place of a video cards memory is that right now the system memory isn't as fast. But I guess it may be better since it has less latency, so I really not sure which would be better.

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  18. I can't get these 2 links to work. Are they correct?

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  19. Http:// www.kilgore.cc

    See the space. it will show up as a 20% in the browser.
    Just delete that 20% out. and will be www.kilgore.cc

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  20. Me too. I think because there is <b>Space</b> between <b>http://</b> and <b>www</b>.
    <A HREF="http://www.viahardware.com/winhec3.shtm" target="_new">http://www.viahardware.com/winhec3.shtm</A>

    <A HREF="http://www.theinquirer.net/24050103.htm" target="_new">http://www.theinquirer.net/24050103.htm</A>

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  21. What I want to know is (answer me please)

    Is when is this Tiwan (sp?) convention that NVidia is releasing the reference board to the public.

    IF soon, when will the mobo makers ship the mobos out for the end-user to buy?

    I can wait until mid-june... if they are talking 3rd quater.. I am going to finish building my system with the MSI k7 master. heh. (Mobo, video, and cpu is all I lack).


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  22. Thx, I got it to work now. Boy do I feel dumb for not seeing that space.

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  23. The thing I'm wondering is will the extra memory bandwidth that they are sending to the on board video chip be available if you can get the board without the on-board chip and have it sent to the AGP slot. For example, having extra memory bandwidth for a Geforce3 to use.
  24. ok, I know its June 4th to June 9. So Info about the Crush 12 and the crush 11 will be somewhere during that time. Info that I hope will give us knowledge on who is making the mobos and when they will be for sale.

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  25. From what I've heard, The mobos based on the crush chipset are likely to be released around November. The makers are supposed to include Asus and Abit, which is enough for me!

    The thing is nVidia are likely to include their Audio chipset in those mobos. In an interview an nVidia representative was asked about their audio chip and competition with CL. The nVidia guy replied something like we dont plan to be an audio giant but our chip is the most powerful audio chip out there.

    See, I think creative is and has been the gentle giant. They pushed everyone else out of the market only using the sheer quality of their products. I don't think nVidia are capable of changing that.

    So they will kick off their chipset industry with all in one solutions. But I think, they'll be forced to release mobos with only the core chipset and no audio/video in their next series of products.

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