too many ASUS boards

Has ASUS decided to suppord every friggin chipset that comes out? Why? Who the hell wants these SiS and ALi boards. Is the A7M266 that bad of a choice? What the hells wrong with it? Screw all of em when the hell is nVidia making chipsets? Guarantied they'll perform.

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  1. One reason for making an ALi board, is the provision of SDR RAM slots, so that people who don't want to purchase yet more RAM, can still use their old RAM for now and upgrade later.
    If the SiS is gonna be as good as these first reviews suggest then there becomes an extremely strong reason for making a board based on the SiS.
    Make them with Via chipsets for the overlcockers who want fantastic speed, and don't mind the fiddling with patches, BIOS updtaes etc..

    Oh, and there is one problem with the A7M266! AMD are stopping producing the AMD760 chipset, therefore ASUS (or any other manufacturer) won't be able to make any more A7M boards!

    And that isn't going into the sound business sense of providing maxmimum choice!

    Does this help?

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  2. wow I didn't realize I left such a heated post. It's pretty obvious I needed the Memorial day off. I don't know about the SiS now, maybe later, when it matures a bit. I'm just very interested in nVidia's attempt to step in the chipset market. Besides all the hoohaa about monopoly and crap I think they've done more good for graphics than people realize. What could they do for the chipset market??

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  3. NVidia was the underdog. 3dfx voodoo 2 I bought, I should of gotten a TnT card :) (2 years ago)

    ADM 761 chipset is still being produced, but ASUS has stopped making mobos with that chipset. MSI is still making a mobo with amd 761 north bridge... Which is what I will buy if SiS or crush is not all its cracked up to be or is due in 3rd quarter. June 15 is my cut-off.

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  4. I agree there is too many company in the chipset market. It cause a lot of confusion. I think we will have a lot more compatibility issues. Some of the expansion card works great with one chipset does not work well with another. I make my decision mainly base on the benchmark result from sites like tomshardware. I hope I will not get a board that have great performance and a lot of compatibility issues.
  5. Poor Abit, they probably don't know that AMD is "stopping" their production of AMD760 chipset and have released KG7 just now, what a "lame", hehehe. Dude, get a clue and don't scare people with unsupported "facts".

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  6. ! That seemed to be the info that was coming across from this forum I was repeating... At the the very least AMD is a low volume \ expensive chipset.

    From what I've read AMD produced the chipset to show what could be done with their CPU's and to encourage other chipset manufacturers to make something as good, which they are beginning to get near to it would seem.

    If I was wrong then I apologise, this a complicated world I am trying to make sense of.

    From what I hear getting hold of an AMD chipset motherboard (the ASUS in particular) is actually quite tricky, so for those who don't want to wait weeks to get hold of a board it could be considered to be unavailable now!

    If any-one takes advice soly from a "stranger" then ... they shouldn't!

    Hope this clarifies my position


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  7. well, AMD didn't want to destroy VIA and SiS and Ali Mak by producing the chips in large quanities... smart move to limit their own chipsets... Cannot piss off the asia chip makers.

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