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AMD and Creative Labs GeForce 2 cards

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May 25, 2001 8:21:42 PM

OK, I'm all set to make the big switch from Intel to AMD and then somebody tells me there are known problems with AMD and CL GeForce cards...which of course I own and planned to put in this new system. I searched through the posts and it appears it was a Apollo chipset problem only. Anybody with the new 761 chipset had a problem?

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May 25, 2001 10:06:21 PM

yeah that problem was with the original Apollo chipsets and the geforce I. Amd soon after released a patch and no chipsets have since exhibited the problem. you shouldn't ahve any problem with your video card. Now, the SB live! is another story.....

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May 25, 2001 10:09:30 PM

So what sound card should I buy or not buy? This is going to get expensive, I just know it.

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May 26, 2001 2:02:16 AM

I'm running a Tbird 900@1000, SB Live! MP3+ 5.1 digital, and CL Annihilator 2 with no problems at all.

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May 26, 2001 2:48:22 AM

Got 2 of them running. A 1 gig 200 FSB GEforce Ultra, & 1.3 gig 266 FSB GEforce2 MX, both on Sound Blaster Live Value & not 1 incompatability problem. Personaly, I think the Sound Blaster problems are a lot of hype around here. I've never used another sound card & I like them. If you load your cards in the proper slots & give them the drivers in the proper order, they work fine & have no problems & are completely stable. If you don't load the Drivers for the MOBO in the correct order & make sure each of them is installed properly before you procede to the next one, you'll have problems. I think that's waht happens to people & then they blame it on VIA chipsets & Sound Blaster cards. Just my 2 cents worth. Now you know the secret of my signature.

btw Get ready to run the fastest computer you've ever owned!! You'll love it!!


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