Duke Nukem 3D game download?

I am curious if there is any legitimate place where I can download the legendary PC classic "duke nukem 3D".

Do I have to pay for the download, or is it freeware? Has the game's code been modified to work on XP/Vista/W7? Does it use directdraw or direct3D?

I know that the source code for the game is freely available on the internet. Also, it's available on XBOX arcade. Too bad I don't have an XBOX.

Also, two other great classics based on the "build" engine are "redneck rampage", and "blood".
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  1. Gotta love GOG.... They recently added some classic EA titles as well (actually games that were developed by studios that EA subsequently swallowed up). Crusader: No Remorse, Dungeon Keeper, Wing Commander: Privateer... Good times!
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