Yet Another BC2 Problem

So i've made a couple threads about this problem alone, First i though it was a Realtek onboard audio problem where is was conflicting with, but yesterday i bought a headset (USB so it should act like a soundcard, as far as i know) but my CTD still happen so it wasn't a realtek problem well then what could it be?

Also when ever it CTD my desktop always goes to (i believe 640x480 resolution) and the colours get all messed up

(I don't know how good the picture is)

Any Help would be appreciated I would love to be able to play this game.

Oh ya! sometimes when it CTD it freezes for a second and my sound loops

Thank you
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  1. Hi

    What are yor full specs, CPU / GPU / RAM MBOARD/WIN VERSION ECT and I guess you mena BF bad company 2 ??
  2. Oh yea forgot to add those my bad

    AMD Athlon 64 x2 5600+ OCed to 3.1ghz
    ATI Radeon HD 4350 (Crap I know but i can play BC2 Fine with it, other than crashes)
    2Gb DDR2 800mhz
    160GB harddrive (Came with PC)
    500GB Western digital
    500Watt Thermaltake TR2 PSU
    Windows XP Professional SP3
    Mobo is a modified Foxconn mobo for this ACER computer

    And yes I ment Battlefield Bad Company 2
    Thank you for the reply Peachy
  3. for some reason your settings are being switched from 32bit to 16bit in the display settings. this normally means a bad driver. so either your gfx card is over heating causing your driver to quit and not restart. or you have some other issue with your gfx.
    run some intensive tests like furmark and see if that causes the same issue, while you run gpu-z along side it to measure temps.
    i think i would bet on bad memory on the gfx card...
  4. Okay, I will try, but this doesn't happen to any other game so hmm.

    and my drivers are 11.4

    Also is Furmark free? or is it something you have to buy?
  5. I believe Furmark is free, a quick google search of Furmark should do the trick.
  6. I Ran Furmark at 1280x720 for 5 Minutes

    IDLE: 60C
    MIN: 62C
    AVG: 70.9C

    As far as i know these are repectable Temperatures? Or am I wrong? also my ambient house temperature right now is about 25-28 Degrees (No AC on)

    *Edit the 5-10 minute crashes were my realtek audio, I had to actually disable it in the device manger. So it stopped crashing i was playing a nice online game on cold war (i think or something) when all of a sudden BOOOMMM my PC just turns off. Which would this be most likely? My CPU? Or my GPU, My GPU is passivly cooled and i'm thinking this is the leading cause if this is it, do you recommend any thing to fix this?
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