Can I run Sniper Elite with Vista Ultimate 64 bit?

Just wondering if there would be any compatibility issues installing Sniper Elite on a Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit based operating system? I've been reading up on as many articles through Google search and there seems to be some issues as it's a game best suited for Win XP. Thanks for any/all responses.
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    unlikely as its an old, old game. it does have a newer counterpart in sniper ghost worrior.
    the chances are that sniper elite has a 16bit installer, if this is true the it wont install on any 64bit o.s.
  2. I would highly suggest upgrading to Windows 7. It is much better in terms of not sucking up half of your computers processing power just to run the OS. Plus it has the newest features and is a lot more secure then XP.
  3. To "Hexit"...I've already played Sniper: Ghost Warrior and it's a great game. I only play "first-person shooter" games (COD versions, Halo etc.) and want to play Sniper Elite, only if I'm able with Vista 64-bit.
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