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i have a gateway lt2200 netbook and my question is ive been haveing some lag issues with 2 games maplestory and grand chase i dont believe its the net because i am pretty close to the wireless hotspot
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  1. The distance between you and a hotspot can be an issue, but it's not what causes slow internet connections. The hotspot's data plan with whatever internet service provider is being paid is the bottleneck. It might be a slow, cheap plan; in that case, there's nothing to be done to speed up the internet but buying a better data plan.

    Also, you have a very slow computer. Slower than an iPad, actually. 1 core @ 1.2ghz.
    Do you have a link to an info page about that notebook? I've had trouble finding any information not scattered all over the web. It's probably using its motherboard's integrated graphics processor, which is terrible. You can't upgrade it, unfortunately, because it's a laptop.
  2. gateway claims its a 1.6ghz not only that but i used to use an ethernet cable to connect and my games would run a bit faster. as for distance im about 13 feet away from the router we use a belkin something for wifi/lan for the main computer
  3. a small update, ive been useing tune up utilities turbo mode function and grand chase is running smoother however im still haveing troble with maple story
  4. 2nd update after a bit to tweaking turbo mode fixes maplestory
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