Gaming headset for X-Fi XtremeGamer

I need help finding a new headset!

Most of the "best gaming headsets" and other searches I've done list only USB headsets which would be a waste of money since I have a nice sound card (X-Fi XtremeGamer).

So, can you guys help me decide upon a nice set, I'm looking for one that has nice directional sound, although I read that is mainly a sound card thing, is that right?

I have gone through 4 pairs of Sennheiser PC 151's over the years but I want to try something different. I almost picked up the Corsair HS1A's when I was at Fry's but I figured I'd get some more information/opinions first. I was also looking at the fatal1ty MKII's

Money-wise, I'd prefer it be under $100

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  1. razer have some nice 1s under 100.
    but for my money the stenhieser HD 555's or HD 558 are probably some of the best at your budget range.
    for the 558's you will need a 35mm to 60mm jack converter but i think it may come with 1
  2. Well...the ExtremeGamer is near the end of its life; good card back in 06, but its REALLY getting on now. Getting a Stenhiesser is a bit overkill for that soundcard really, I'd go for something cheaper [Razer has some nice offerings at the $100 range]
  3. thing is the stenhiesers are actualy cheaper than the Carcharias and there better built...
    the razer orca are basicaly Carcharias without the mic, and slightly more range. they sound pretty good and at 60 bux pretty cheap. but again i question build quality.
    a m8 of mine had the Carcharias and dropped them from table hight on to carpet. they broke. part of the plastic housing that holds the earphone broke off by the screw. not really what you would expect from a $90 headset. the plastic they make them with is very brittle.
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