okay here's the problem, I hit the power button
and my compter starts whirring a high pitched buzzing sound
durring boot-up. It sounds to me like the cooling fan is rotating to fast or like a sports car turbo kicking in.
So, I immediatly shut down, power back up this time no buzzing, but I'm prompted by the system bios that the computer is in safe mode and I have to reset my cpu clock setting. I am not overclocking by the way, the settings
I use are 9x@133MHz. The computer runs fine after this. What could be causing the start up problems.
My specs:

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  1. my friend had the same problem, I fixed it by applying the silicon conductor to the CPu&heatsink
  2. What do you mean by silicon conductor.
    My CPU fan came with a thermal pad compound
    and according to the ASUSprobe software the CPU temp
    is operating at a safe range (49C - 55C).
    Please explain.
  3. maybe because you have a bee stuck in there? :smile:
    anyway, does your vid card have a hsf? (stupid me. of course it does) anyway, check if it is leaning on you pci slot and maybe you wanna rotate your cpu fan 90 degrees cuz it could be the bearings

    :cool: :eek: :redface: :frown: :lol: :mad: :eek: :smile: :tongue: :wink:
  4. The likely area for the high pitch sound is the PS unit or the onboard speaker if the board have one. The next time you hear this sound (hope you will not), check it out. If its from the PS unit, its just a sign for you to put aside some money.

    It don't come easy.......not always.
  5. i have the same problem and fixed it by unplugging the little fan thats over the VIA chip on the motherboard - all is ok now.
    i think the method asus used for fixing the fan to the mobo is alittle sus. don't worrie about cooking the chip since the fan is not going as asus are just about the only mobo with the same chipset that have a fan installed and i have had 2 other earlyer revisions of the board which didnt come with a fan also.
    Hope this helps.

  6. My box is also making a slighty pitch but mainly whirring noise. In my case it's just the CPU Fan at an off angle I belive. As when I tap the case, or the mounting board for the Mother Board, it stops it. Sometimes for a good 1/2 hour, some times for the next 2secs.

    Yet to find a time when the Box is down and try a lil bit of Oil on the sukka. Either that or replace the CPU fan with a decent sized Case fan I have lying around. All you'd need to do would be to try and mount it close to the side of the case, but away from it to allow airflow. Then make a funnel of sorts to direct the sirflow dircetly onto the CPU. So that the Fan end is the size of the Fan and the CPU end is tight around the exisiting CPU Fan or Heatsink.

    A mate did it to both his cpu's in his Dual Motherboard board and worked a charm.
  7. Im willing to bet the noise is from either a bad bearing in a fan (do like the one poster said, rotate your fans 90 degrees.) or just a bad or dirty fan.

    Oh yeh, the bios thing is related to you and not the noise, if you turn an ASUS board off during boot (and maybe others, im not sure) It automatically sets the bios up in a safe mode running at 100MHz. This is a safety feature incase you have bad ram, hardware, etc. So don't worry about that.

    So, just figure out where the whine is coming from, best way to figure out stuff like that is process of elimination. Unplug all fans in your tower, boot it up (don't let it run too long) and see if the noise is there, if not, connect one fan and check again, continue till the noise starts up.

    one more thing, good luck!
  8. Hey go for it with on tappin that case,I did it years ago the same thing, worked well for a while too, then one day the noise disappeared permantly. yep thats right! so did the MB, HDD and whole system. fizzzzzzle

    Crank it up... way up!! I need that power.
  9. Give it some very strong coffee, several asprin, and whatever you do, don't let it drive !!!

    "This was no boating accident"
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