Will these specs work for Dolphin emulator

Hey guys I don't know if this is in this right spot so mods feel free to move if it's not. I am trying to find out if the computer I gave my girl will be strong enough to run dolphin.

I built an I7 system back in January of last year and I gave my girl most of the parts from my old computer. I gave her a C2D E6550 (2.33 ghz) 4 gigs of ddr2 667 ram, windows 7 x64, GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R mobo and bought her a 500 watt psu.

The only thing she needs is a better gpu, as I put in an old 6200 le they had laying around. They don't use the computer for much but ms office so a super strong gpu is not needed, but I want to know if I get a HD 5450 will dolphin work well with the other specs i mentioned. Thanks in advance for any info.
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  1. Well...Emulation is generally more CPU heavy then GPU heavy, though GPU acceleration is a must these days. Near as I can tell, Dolphin runs very fast [compared to PCSX2 at least...], but I'd expect the C2D to be a bottleneck in some situations.
  2. You will need a very fast C2D to run Dolphin in 1080p, should atleast be 3ghz. so you if can you overclock that CPU that would help alot.
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