Swapping out Intel for AMD, help needed......

I'm going to swapping out my old Intel motherboard and CPU for a new AMD 1.3 gHz processor and most likely an Asus/Abit mobo. I'm not so concerned about the physical installation as much as the software issues in Win98.

As anyone in here has seen at some point or another, the 'System Devices' rollout in the Device Manager lists many functions specific to your chipset and mobo; in my case, Intel. I'm wondering though if these need to be removed before I install the new mobo, as I'm concerned that they conflict with it. Or on the other hand, does this type of hardware swap warrant a complete drive wipe and reinstall of the OS.

Or am I just being paranoid and Win98 will automatically remove the old entries and configure the new ones?
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  1. You should go into safe mode and clear all those parts. Everything. But first, make a copy of your Win98 folder from the CD onto your hard drive, in case you cannot access your CD-ROM to load the IDE drivers!

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  2. You should just be able to remove everything from device manager, then put the drive in the new motherboard, and boot it up. Then Windows should install all the new hardware for the new motherboard.

    Occassionally this might cause some instabilities in Windows, if it does, then maybe think about reinstalling the OS.

    Personally, I usually just do a reinstall, because it cleans out all of the old junk on the hard drive. But then again, I'm always installing new OS's anyway, so it doesn't bother me any...

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  3. You can force the system to redetect all your devices by deleting a key in your registry. To do this, go to Start, Run... and type regedit. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE delete the folder Enum and all its subfolders. Windows will redetect all the necessary hardware devices when you reboot (you may have to reboot several times before it finishes recognizing all the hardware ). This should be equivalent to performing a clean installation - but obviously this is not as thorough as formatting the disk and starting again with a clean install. Remember, make a backup of the enum folder before you delete.
  4. I would consider a complete wipe and reinstall, since you're not just changing the CPU, but the motherboard as well. This would insure that you would have little or no hardware conflicts to speak of. Since the motherboard is the connection point for all of your periphials, drives, CPU, and memory, it is safest to wipe out all remaining traces of the old system, which, barring the motherboard issues that crop up with some chipsets, you will have a new, stable, and unclutered system. And anyway, if it has been around 9-12 months since your last format and reinstall, it would make that CPU improvement all the more profound in terms of performance by cleaning up the mess that Win9x makes over time.


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