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i have got in my laptop a 4gb ram and i also have a graphics card of 'Prentium(R)Dual-core CPU' if i wanted to make this laptop good at gaming without it costing me a fortune and without the games always lagging how and what should i do to make this good.
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  2. Almost impossible as your gpu is soldered onto the mobo of your laptop and is not upgradeable, give us the complete Maker and model of your laptop and we will see if there is any way at all in improving its game playing abilities.
  3. The Pentium is your CPU, not graphics card. Most laptops have weak on-board graphics. As Uther said, please list your complete systems specifications.
  4. generally its not worth it upgrading laptop parts. I would strongly recommend making a 600-800usd PC if you are serious about PC gaming.
  5. There are kits that allow you to add a desktop GPU to your laptop but they cost to much so by the time you get everything up and running you could have just built yourself a decent desktop gaming rig. Unless you purchase a laptop built for gaming from the start anything much more than WoW type games usually arnt going to happen. And even when you do buy a laptop for gaming you pay to much for what you get so unless you really need to be able to game on the bus or in class just get a desktop for gaming. Take it from someone who tried to game on laptops for a long time and finally gave up and just got a desktop.
  6. Build a desktop for gaming, give the laptop to your wife.
  7. A few years ago i had a laptop that the store said would be great for gaming. This is before I actually knew how stressful a game can be on a computer. So i came home and within a few weeks i knew that playing on a laptop had alot of serious downfalls. One is that it provides an eviornment for very hot hardware especially if you have high settings. I put up with failing hard drives and over heated hardware for 6 moths. Got a PC and now I'm living it up.
    Get a PC for your gaming if you can afford it. Talk to the guys here and I'm sure we can help you put something togeather that wont hurt your pocket book or your gaming ego.
  8. josephb65 said:
    Build a desktop for gaming, give the laptop to your wife.

    +1 - the wife loves her laptop while i have a screaming machine
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