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A Intel d815eea2 m/b and a Celeron 800Mhz CPU with 256Mb 133Mhz sdram memory chip. System will not boot. No beeps, no screen output.
Intel web site does mention that 133Mhz sdram operation requires a 133Mhz system bus frequency processor.
This seems strange as I would think the memory would operate at 100Mhz same as the Celeron 800.
Anyone had this experience?
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  1. have any of the parts been verified to work?
    no beeps is usually memory, cpu or mobo.
    just because you have PC133 doesn't mean it runs at that speed, PC133 runs fine at 100mhz.
    pull everything but the video card, ram and cpu. no floppy, hd, nic, sound, etc.
    see if it beeps or boots then.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  2. You would hear beeps if it were memory. It's either the motherboard or processor causing your problems. Make sure your motherboard is not grounded anywhere it shouldn't be (there are not any stands where there not holes in the board), and that the processor is mounted properly. Oh, and make usre you have a good power supply, and that the switch is plugged into the right spot on the motherboard.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
  3. yes and no.
    lots of boards beep if its a memory problem, I've had lots that didn't as well.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  4. I had this same problem with a SOYO Socket 7 and a 500mhz AMD. First check your power supply, easy way to do that is to disconnect all of your drives except your floppy, if you get a light on the floppy on boot up power is ok, next make sure that the board is in correctly, IE mounted in the right spot in the case, next assuming it is an ATX form factor case and board check if the line from the on switch is in the right prongs on the board, and that all of the right jumpers and switches are correct. Good luck.
  5. How many memory modules are you running and of what brand. I run an Intel D815EEA with a P3 800EB. I know that these boards are super-finicky (is that spelled right?)about the memory used. If you are using more than 1 stick of memory, you cannot use more than 2 slots. I currently run Infineon PC-133 2-2-2 in my board with no problems.
  6. He sent me a PM telling me the motherboard was being grounded by a misplaced metal stand. Happens to all of us sooner or later.

    Cast not thine pearls before the swine
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