What is the game name ?

first of all sorry for my bad english.
I have played a game long time ago whit cars and i don't remember the name. is very old game. let me tell you what is in it mayby you can help me find out.
So it was all about some cars driveing offrode , fro woods cars , trucks , it was a special car to... someting whit 3 reactors 2 behind and 1 in the front who was flooting looked like a OZN and in this game you cood smash one another or checkpoint races or clime up on some hils to get to an X and stay there to grabe some points.
please help me find this game
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  1. carmageddon?
  2. no is not this one.
    carmageddon is whit people on the streets . the game that i whant to find is whit cars only and is no city just woods and roods or heals or circuit.....
    can eny one help me ?
  3. Here's a long shot...could it be the first "Flatout"?
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