HELP: Great PC, games won't run well

I've got a custom built PC with:
intel i7 2600k 3.4 GHz overclocked to 4.1 GHz
8 GB Corsair Dominator RAM @ 1600 MHz
nVidia GTX590 w/ 3GB of onboard memory
64GB solid state w/ operating system and basics
1TB HDD @ 7200 rpm with the games on it
all on a gigabyte z68x with liquid cooling and all that
through a 24" ASUS monitor (1920 x 1080) connected thru VGA

Yet all of my games have this odd problem with movement (mostly 1st person games). it seems the game jumps frames as i move through levels making the movement seem very choppy.
I cant think of an explanation either than issues with the games being on the HDD or some setting i have in the nVidia control panel thats messing with the games.

any advice?
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  1. Only thing I can think of there is check to see if your graphics drivers are up to date?
  2. The drivers are up to date. I tried reinstalling with a clean install, no change. I then tried installing the betas, still nothing
  3. Vertical sync, perhaps. Turn it on and off, and compare.
  4. i tried switching v-sync but it's not the issue. the frames aren't tearing.
    for example, when i move forward and turn, the gun does not jitter on my screen, just the textures on the level.
  5. Sounds like driver problems.

    I have a GTX570 and the card still doesn't function properly on my machine despite RMA from the manufacturer with a proven tested card and driver updates. Granted the drivers from NVIDIA are improving but I'm still very annoyed with the quality of the product.

    The fact that I have had two different GTX570's run on my machine and both have the same problems; screen freezes, crashes, tearing, etc., leaves me to believe its drivers. I'm just glad I'm running into people with similar problems.

    Try uninstalling the drivers and running Driver Sweeper and then reinstall. It helps but you will have to redo the process over and over when the problems start reoccurring.

    Hope that helps. It should since you seem to be have similar issues as I am.
  6. could be something in the BIOS..... HD/SSD.... conflictig ?. wrong refresh rates/monitor.... and why VGA...... should be DVI or HDMI for better picture. Wrong slot for ram ?" not running in dual channel.... did you try under clocking the ram.... 1333. could be a lousy over clock....... one hot spot anywhere and it's over. you do have fans running in the system ?.... water doesn't mean you don't need to circulate air...... once the water reaches a certain temp it stays "hot" and slowly gets hotter..... not sure if "saturation" is the right term. the card...... is sli "auto with that dual card or do you still have to enable it in the cards control panel ?
  7. 64GB solid state w/ operating system and basics; what is it's brand? This might be your culprit for having the choppy gameplay. Try putting up the OS on your 1tb hdd and see if the choppy effect has gone away.
  8. If it's not drivers, not V-sync, then as others have said, it's likely your BIOS or your SSD.

    What temp does your PC reach under strain? Just trying to eliminate all possibilities :)

  9. What brand SSD and Motherboard?
  10. A-DATA 64GB S596 Turbo series gaming MLC
    Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3
    what would be the best way to transfer over the OS without reinstalling?
    or would it make sense to clean out the programs from the SSD and move over steam and the games i'm currently playing? i can download them through steams mirrors at 6 MB/s so deleting local content and reinstalling whenever i want isn't much of an issue, at least for the summer

    the ram is running dual channel, all slots are filled, 4x2GB
    Ive got three 120 mm case fans, the case is a NZXT H2 silent case
    and the dual GPU mode is enabled in the nVdia control panel

    coreTemp tells me the individual core temp highs reach ~51 to 54 C while playing fear 3
  11. What kind of PSU are you using? Could be not enough power.
  12. 950 watts, prolly not the issue
  13. and how hot are the NB and SB getting. the over clock will make the NB run much hotter and the speed of the SSD will "force" data faster. how are the ram voltages ? did you try running only 2 sticks of ram ? or try running another type ( brand ) of ram. got all your mother board drivers installed ? did you try loading optimized defaults in the BIOS ? that mother board have the "auto" SSD/HD software....... did you run it.... from the desk top....or is that just for "hybrid" set up ?
  14. Just because a PSU has a lot of wattage doesn't mean it isn't causing a problem, your GPU needs a certain number of amps.

    And if you have multiple rails make sure your whole comp isn't trying to run off one rail.

    What brand is your psu?
  15. the ram voltage is 1.65 V, i get boot failures when i adjust the voltage and try to boot up with 1.5V sticks. tried only 4GB, same problem.
    all the motherboard drivers are installed.
    what are the NB and SB?

    tried loading optimized defaults, now the OS won't load at all.
  16. this comp has been a shitshow since i got it a few weeks ago. I don't have much data on it, i'm going to grab what i can off the hard drives, reinstall on the HDD, and then see if the games run well. if they do, i'm gonna use the SSD for that new intel smart response tech or whatever its called that lets me use the SSD as a cache.
    it'll be a little while.
  17. We're beyond my level of expertise here, but good luck! I'm sorry you chose a problem that I know very little about, otherwise I'd have been more than happy to help you :P haha, honestly though, good luck, I know how much it sucks when your machine won't run properly :/ keep us posted.

  18. try to play without overclocking and only 4 cpu
  19. Pull the power cord from the back of the computer. Push the power button to drain "stored" power from the system. Reset cmos if you know how or just pull the battery for a short time. Reinstall the battery, plug cord back in, reboot.
  20. Does the system ever shut down randomly or is it just jumpy frame rates? Do you have a mate that has a ATI card? It would be interesting to see if your system handles that card any better and at least that way you can pin it down to a certain part.
  21. This might sound kinda stupid but you've mentioned that your monitor is connected through VGA. With your kind of specifications you should at the very least be running through DVI or preferably HDMI.

    I'm way over my head here but that might be the problem.
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