Invalid entries struck in Programs and Functions!

What do you do with entries in the "Programs and Functions" in the control panel, that just refuse to vanish after being uninstalled? :pfff:

In order to install a popular modification for Medieval 2 Total War, called "Third Age Total War 2.0", I wanted to uninstall the previous version by removing all previous patches and the core files as well. So I did just that using the deinstall function, and yet, when I open Programs & Functions from the control panel, I get this:

If I click on it, I get a notification saying "This program will uninstall HundredYearsWar - version 0.9 from your hard drive. Click OK to continue"

Hundred Years War is the another mod I have installed. Even if I successfully uninstall it, I still get the same message when I double click any of the remaining files in the pic above and then it does nothing.

Is there any way to remove these annoying files from the list? By deleting a registry key, for example?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. I solved the problem myself using Revo Uninstaller. Consider this thread closed/solved.
  2. This topic has been closed by Mousemonkey
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