A7v133 Probe


What does it mean when these words keep flashing
on the Asus Probe
"Power Fan below threshold"? I don't have a clue.
Also I am only getting half a screen for info
on some pages and the page cannot be enlarged
For example - missing words in this statement
1.Enable this function and sytem wi.......
according to current tempera............
What are the missing word?
Any help would be appreciated - thanks
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  1. One of two things.Do you have a power supply fan sensor wire that hooks to the motherboard fan header.
    If not go into Probe Monitor Summary and uncheck it.
    or set the RPM limit to a lower setting if you have a fan hooked up to the power supply header on the motherboard.
    Not sure on the second question.I would uninstall Probe and reinstall and see what happens to your lines.

    Rock out with your AMD out
  2. Loouie2001 Tahanks

    Thanks for your answer to the question. I have unchecked the monitor as it not connected. Reinstalling the probe does nothing.
  3. What Version of probe are you using?
    Did that fix the power fan blinking?
    This is what the lines are saying in the Smart Fan Controle
    Enable this function and system will auto-adjust fan speed according to current CPU temperature and predefined threshold.
    I use Version 2.12.07 on a a7v133 board seems to work ok but reads 10 degree C higher than the temp. is for the CPU.

    Rock out with your AMD out
  4. How do you know it reads 10 degrees higher? I have the same board and I've thought my temps looked high, but the BIOS gives similar numbers...
  5. It seems to vary from board to board on ASUS some people have very accurate readings and the next board gives very different readings.So I have installed MBM5, HMMonitor Pro,
    and Probe. Probe reads 10 deg.C higher than both, so then I took a external thermomitor like (CompuNurse)and slid between heatsink and let it touch the core and I get within 2 deg.C readings of HMMonitor Pro and MBM5.So I figure they are the most accurate.Probe and BIOS read very close to each other.Word is on here that it may be built into probe to read higher as a failsafe.Not sure, Also the temp. probe does'nt touch the core so may be reading heated air in the pocket below the CPU. I figure all redins are within AMD guidelines so I dont get to worried.
    MBM5 34C idle 46 C loaded
    External reads between 36C idle 48C load
    I have seen 50C load when it gets hot out.
    T-Bird 1.2C @ 1396 10.5x133
    Swiftech MC370-0A heatsink with Pabst fan.

    Rock out with your AMD out
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