in my pc when i am going little fast in gta4 game is getting slow and after whole pc is freezing but when i m walking slow its ok sorry for my bad english please help me i buy this game and i cannot play this

my specs

windows 7 64x ,intel 2500@3.30ghz 2gb ddr3ram ,xfx gt520 1gb gpu ,p
please help i am playing crysis2 ,nfs hp, verry smooth but only this game is making problem
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  1. Don't worry, everyone has problems with running vanilla GTA4 smooth, regardless of PC specifications.

    Try and turn some of your settings down; textures, render and view distance.
  2. 2gb is too minimal, add 2gb more on your ram and you will see performance boost on that game. GTA4 is badly optimized just have the setting set to default or recommended setting and don't enable night shadow.
  3. thanks willonidas and venjhammet
  4. GTA has always been a stuttering game in my opinion, even as far as GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas. Not just on PC either, on consoles as well. And it is the same with 4 as well.

    One thing I remember that helped me with my GTA issues, is checking the frame limiter option, or forcing Vertical Sync for when you play games.
  5. thanks friends now i have put 4gb ram more and Ati 5770 now gta4 game is very smooth but now when i am playing for 5 minute after that freezing i have to restart game sorry for again but if u can help me please thank u.......
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