Looking for a list or link of games that support crossfire

Im looking for a list of games that support crossfire. I have found that there are quite a few games out there that do not support it. Current computer is
AMD 975 3.4
Biostar TA870+
8gigs of ddr3
2x6850 OC Gigabyte
Zahlman 850 watt psu
Windows 7 HE
2 320 gig western digital caviar blue HD's
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  1. I have not found an official list anywhere. I don't think one exists.

    Also, remember that it's not up to the game to support Crossfire, it's up to AMD to add Crossfire support for games to their drivers. At least that is my understanding.
  2. also your system is top heavy. your cpu doesnt have enough grunt to handle 2 6850's by about %20...
    your actually likely to get much smoother gaming with only 1 card.
    i know you dont wanna hear that but to get the best from then 2 very good cards you would be wise to jump platofrm to an i5 2500k

    for a list of games then you need the ati aplication profiler http://sites.amd.com/us/game/downloads/Pages/radeon_win7-64.aspx (this is the win7 64bit version) just brows if you need a different o.s.
  3. Thanks HEXiT. I never noticed that download before when I get drivers. I still don't see where there is a list of supported games, even though I did download and install the App Profiles file. Maybe I need to install the 2nd card to see the option in the Catalyst Control Center?
  4. Forget it - I found the file. I didn't see the link to the PDF before. Cool. Thanks for pointing it out.
    For those that missed it too, here it is:
  5. ok fixed that problem got the new MSI 990fxa-gd80 and a Phenom II 965 everything weighs in alot better. Performance jump was HUGE. needed the push HEXiT thanks.
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