Black screen appears after starting total overdose and computer suddenly restart

when i start total overdose game a black screen appears.

The CPU beeps 3 times and then restarts. After restarting a message appears "windows has recovered from a serious error".

I have nvidia geforce 8400 GS .

I reinstalled the game but have the same error and ido also have latest graphic driver.

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  1. Sounds like driver issue on your videocard. Try installing your old gpu driver (CD) which came with your 8400gs
  2. goto start menu ,
    select Run
    type in "dxdiag"
    DirectX Diagnostic Tool will run
    then click at "More Help"
    you will see there Override tab in last just click it
    after that "Refresh appears"
    set it from default to override rate "60"
    now exit.
    and play the game enjoy.
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