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I have an Asus a7m266 motherboard with an athlon 1200 mhz chip. For some reason my vcore voltage will not stay stable. I set it with the jumpers at 1.80 volts, but when I check it it in bios it is down to 1.47 volts. At 1.47 volts it will not run stable at 1.2ghz. I have to downclock it to 900mhz. Why wont the vcore voltage stay stable?
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  1. My advice: if you don't wish to overclock then run in jumper free mode, this will select the correct core voltage, which should be 1.75V for 1.2GHz.
    Set JEN to 2-3 (jumperfree) then VID1,VID2,VID3,VID4 all to 3-4
    This should fix it, unless there is a fault on the motherboard.

    By the way I've just looked at the manual on p24, and I think I know why you've got 1.45V: if you set VID1,VID2,VID3 to 1-2 and VID4 to 2-3 then you get 1.45V whereas VID4,VID3,VID2 set to 1-2 and VID1 to 2-3 gives 1.8V

    In other words I think you've mixed up VID4 and VID1.

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