Best Motherboard For AMD Athlon 1.33 266 FSB CPU

I had just purchased a AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB CPU.

I had researched the following:

ASUS A7A266 ALI DDR/SDRAM ATX - I heard that this ASUS Motherboard is not good for Overclocking, and that the ALI Majik1 Chipset is not that stable.

BIOSTAR M7MIA AMD761 DDT ATX - I heard that the AMD761 Chipset is the most stable for the AMD Athlon CPU right now. How is this Motherboard for overclocking?

MICROSTAR K7T266 DDT KT266 ATX - I heard that the VIA KT266 Chipset is very new, but not as stable as the AMD761 Chipset is now.

Which is best Motherboard choice for my AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB CPU Chip?

Are there any other Motherboards that are better then the three that I listed?

Please let me know.

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  1. Hey Jon forget the Asus and the other boards. I am using an Iwill KK266 and it is using the Via chipset. There has never been a hardware problem I have experienced with this mobo. There is a DDR version available which has a different model number, I forget which one. But the board has been great since day one. I've tried Procomp and Abit boards and they gave me headaches. The board stoked up the first time I put pwr to it. As for the word, stable, the AMD chipset is the best chipset for AMD cpu's because it utilizes the processor the way AMD intended. But Via is also a good chipset just make sure you use the 4.30 driver which covers all Via Apollo chipsets 133/266. But if you decide not to go with the Iwill KK266 or the DDR version I'm not mad at you. LOL. Good Luck.
  2. Gigabyte GA-7DX, GA-7DXR. Stable, very fast, high quality amd platforms with support for the new 1400 MHZ.

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