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Hi! I just finished installing to components together( PIII 1ghz, CUSL2-C, 2x256mb crucial, etc.) . Now, I really need advice from you guys about what to do next. I know that we have to set the BIOS in the very first time, then do the partition by the startup disk, format it, and install OS. Here comes the questions!

1. Where do we set the IRQ?
2. Please help me list all the steps that needed for installing a brand new system.
3. How can you uninstall the Intel HSF that comes with the CPU once it's stucked on the socket? (it seems that I can't uninstall the clip that attaches the heatsink onto the socket)
4. I have two case fan and there is only one chassis fan socket on board. Where can I plug the other one?
5. Does the board read "two side" of ram or just "one side"? (someone listed this problem w/ the CUSL2-C in the earlier post)

I guess that's all for now. But, I promise I'll come back for more. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it! You guys are the best!
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  1. Holy Moly! Did ya ever consider figuring all of this out before you bought the hardware? <GRIN>

    I like to be helpful, honestly, I DO ... but you are approaching this project bass-ackwards.

    I suggest that you find a knowledgeable friend to help you, or take the components to a shop, and have them finish the assembly.

    This is a not a flame, novice. Not in the slightest. What you don't realize is that you've asked for a tremendous amount of information, and even if I attempted to help ... there are some things that only hands-on experience can teach.

    You might consider investing in some reading material, or taking a class at a local college. That would be be my best suggestion. At your current level of experience, the possibility that you are going to get that computer stable and running is fairly slim to "oh-my-god-it's-broken-now-what".

    I COULD spend the next eight hours writing down a pretty fair reference manual that someone could use to build a computer from scratch. But I'm not, and I won't. Forums are excellent places to go when you need help. But they are not meant to replace the months of time and experience you need in order to assemble and effectively troubleshoot several hundred dollars worth of software and hardware.

    I wish you luck. If you need something specific, there are tons of people here who will gladly help you, including myself. But you are starting right from the beginning, novice ...and this forum is not a valid replacement for a hands-on course at your local technical college or even a good computer manual on Windows operating systems and hardware assembly.

    You don't have the perspective to see what you are missing. Unfortunately ... I do. Please take the machine to a competent tech ... get it built, and THEN figure out what he did. You'll thank me later.

    Again ... good luck, and all the best.


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  2. There are two 3-pin chassis fan headers and 1 3-pin cooler fan header. Locate all three if you are using 3-pin chassis fans. Plug everything together and pray. Oh, and if it doesn't light up the monitor in just a few seconds, shut it off-my idiot stepson once fried a motherboard (damaged the chipset) by leaving the thing turned on for a hour while the hard drive cable was backward.

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