Power Supply, Etc for An AMD Athlon 1.33 266 CPU

I currently have a PC Power And Cooling Systems Silencer 275 Watt ATX Power Supply in my Computer with an AMD Athlon 950 MHZ CPU.

I have a ASUS A7V Motherboard, and the Computer has been running fine over the last six months.

I just purchased a new AMD Athlon Axia 1.33 266 FSB CPU.

I am looking for the best Motherboard for the new AMD CPU, since I just received the Biostar M7MIA Motherboard, and it came incomplete with missing Manuals, CD-ROM Software, etc.

After reading some of the thread messages, no seems to like the Biostar M7MIA Motherboard.

Do I need to purchase a new Power Supply for my 1.33 Athlon CPU, or is the Turbo Cool 275 Watt enough.

I like quiet Computer Power Supplies, since this is my home Computer.

Should I purchase the PC Power And Cooling Systems Silencer ATX 400 Watt Power Supply, or is my 275 Watt Silencer Power Supply enough.

I have the PC Power And Cooling Systems MidTower Case with an two extra internal case fans.

Which Motherboard is best for my situation?

Any Comments?

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  1. You definetly need a 350W or better PS with the 1.33. Some run it with 300W, but 300W made my system very unstable. I have the POWMAX 400W (6100D), but it isnt on AMD recommended list so its your call.

    What MB you get depends on what you plan to do as far as OC'ing or stuff like that. I really like my K7T266 Pro now that the resitor issue is fixed and the BIOS has fixed a lot of other problems. It is very stable for me. It allows you to overclock if thats your fancy but I do not.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
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