Cannot play video cds(*.dat files)

I am using a PIII 700 on a 810 based motherboard with onboard agp. Suddenly my system refuses to play video cds (aviseq.dat files). I have tried reinstalling win98 and also win 2000 but no go. The win media player 7 gives an error message that a proper set of filters could not be found to render the stream. Other video players also give an error message. The system is running fine otherwise.
Please help.
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  1. Do you need a special codec for these?

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  2. Does it work with VCD software?

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  3. VCDs are mpeg-1 whereas SVCDs are MPEG-2 files.

    WMP should not have any trouble playing mpeg1 but you will need to install a third party codec to play mpeg-2 files such as power-dvd...

    mpeg files found on VCDs also contain special headers that WMP does not know how to decode. Install a SVCD,DVD or VCD software that will do that.
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