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I am looking for a LED 120hz 2ms gaming monitor that is around 24" ish. I also want it to be movable so I can change the angle of the screen. Anyone know of a good one?
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  1. or what are the best gaming monitors money can buy?
  2. Few questions to try and narrow it down.

    - What country are you buying this from, and do you have a preferred website?
    - What is your budget? I know you say what is the best one money can buy, but you probably don't want to purchase a $1000 monitor...
    - What resolution will you be gaming at, and will you be doing anything else on the computer aside from gaming?

  3. - America
    -500$ ish
    -will be using it for mmorpg gaming/ virtual machines/ coding/ multiboxing (going to buy 3 monitors and go with that set up)

    I am looking at the Asus VE258Q Black 25" 2ms HDMI LED backlight because it has nice specs and it has a -5% tilt. I live in a different place every three months and my fall home does not have room for three monitors on the desk but has a low shelf right above it I can put the third on and look slightly up at.
  4. From personal exp... since I screwed the pooch badly on this...go for best Refresh you can my enthusiast level video card makes my Dell surplus monitor to hot and shut down all the time until I placed a fan o it... so sad about us :(

    Edited for spelling ....>_<
  5. I have two ati 6970s for graphics cards
  6. samsung make great monitors and there latest are some of the best as do lg... look at them b4 you look at others. lg especially. as most of the other branded monitors are just re-brands from actual monitor manufacturers...
    names like ben-q and asus should really be avoided as you can often get the same spec from a monitor manufacturer for as much as $200 less on higher priced items. and $50 less on low end.
    for instance i got my lg flatron for 90 pounds. i saw asus had the same monitor but in silver and it was £140... when i say the same i mean exactly the same, not just looks like.
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