New BIOS for Asus A7V133

Just letting you know that there's a new official BIOS available on Asus' website. However, there's nothing about what changes have been made... Perhaps something to fix the 686B Southbridge bug...?

See you later!
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  1. If you're talking about <A HREF="" target="_new">this page</A>, I don't see anything new. This is the official Asus website, too... :frown:
  2. It's the same page, except that it's on instead of

    Sorry for not specifying this.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by barry_gibb on 06/04/01 05:34 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. Interesting...which one should we keep up with? or

    Anyways, have you tried it out yet? What does it fix/do?
  4. About Asus' web site, I really don't know. I just check them both, just like and .

    As for the BIOS, I haven't seen any difference yet, the 686B data corruption bug is still here... Who knows, maybe you'll be luckier than me, it's worth trying.
  5. Actually, I haven't had any problems. I've been reading about the bug, and all the precautions I have taken have worked. I've changed certains settings in my BIOS (currently 1004) that needed to be changed in order to prevent any problems, plus using VIA 4-in-1 drivers v4.31. I've read a lot about this problem, and it's not really a bug, but a problem the SB Live! has with this certain chipset.

    Anyways, if you wanna know what I've read up on, post back. I'll be more than happy to post the link(s) that I've read up on.
  6. I would like to know what I should do first between install via 4 in 1 first or install the VGA driver first.
    One more thing, Could you give me what the best m/b bios and the promise-bios for a7v that use with winME or Win98.
  7. Always install the VIA 4-in-1 drivers first. BTW, are they 4.31?

    Here'e the link for the <A HREF="" target="_new">A7V BIOS</A>. I suggest the latest, of course.

    Just so you know, I'm using an A7V133.
  8. Thank for your information.
    But I still wonder what you mean this word "BTW".
    I am just new in the computer field.
  9. one more question to ask you.
    How do i know what motherboard's model is. Where can i look it up on the motherboard's model between "a7v" and "a7v133"?
    What the different between those two? First I thought it the same, am i right.
  10. Sorry...BTW is abbreviated for "By the way"... :smile: It's all good.

    You can look up the name of the motherboard's model on the manual. (Please tell me you have one.)

    I think the difference is that one is newer than the other? Actually, the A7V supports 200MHz Front Side Bus, while the A7V133 supporst 200/266MHz Front Side Bus. Also, the A7V supports 7 USB ports max, with the A7V133 supports 4 max. Last thing: the A7V133 has RAID 0 support (and I have no idea what that does exactly)...

    I hope I'm clear enough. :smile:
  11. BTW == By the way

    A7V and A7V133 are 2 slightly different boards.

    One is based on KT133A chipset, the other kt133.

    "He who laughs last doesn't get the joke"
  12. I think my motherboard is just "a7v".
    Can i use "a7v133" bios with m/b a7v or not?
    Or I have to use only bios for a7v only.
    BTW, Thanks for your help.
  13. You must use an A7V BIOS. These are also available from the Asus website, I think 1007 is the latest.

    The A7V133 is a slightly newer board running the KT133A chipset and the 686B southbridge. This means it supports 133 MHz DDR FSBs (Athlon C types) and has ATA100 support on all IDE channels (not just the Promise controller).

    RAID0 is a way of making two (or more) physical disks appear to be a single, larger, faster drive. RAID1, which this board doesn't support (officially), allows you to use two or more physical disks in a redundant configuration such that one disk acts as a mirror of the other in case of failure. Other raid modes allow you to mix/match these two basic techniques for maximum reliability and performance.
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