ATI CCC 4870 win8 drivers?

Where are they? It looks like the latest I can get are 12.6 for Win7. Will this work with Win8? Or can I install the Win8 drivers that say for 5, 6, and 7xxx series?
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  1. I do not know if you can mod the Windows 8 drivers to work with the 4870 or not. The PC I have my 4850 in is just a Media Center PC so I have never installed Windows 8 on it. I did use the Windows 7 drivers on my 6950 rig at one time and it seemed to work ok the only thing I lost was native 3D as far as I could tell. My best guess would be to give them a try and see if they will work with it. I used them on the Windows 8 release preview at one time to see if they were any better or worse than the native Windows 8 drivers as I had one game that just would not work with Windows 8.

    My best guess is that AMD is not working on Windows 8 drivers for anything lower than the 5xxx series at least at this time.
  2. This is unexpected and sucks. I went with win8 over win7 simply because I tried the preview and didn't mind the UI changes. I wasn't thinking about having driver issues with mainstream graphics cards that can still run today's games (I just upgraded from a core 2 duo machine to an i5 build and hoped to keep my 4870 for another year before upgrading that).
  3. Have you tried installing the older drivers in compatibility mode? There probably won't be Windows 8 certified drivers for a card that old.

    here is lovely win8 drivers for Ati hd 4000

    I use it on my Ati 4870
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