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Here's an interesting idea. Let's assume that nForce runs at 133 MHz DDR for the athlon 4s. The speed of the integrated graphics, being on the same chip, will likely rely on that speed for it's own speed setting. Question: will overclocking the fsb (ie from 133 MHz DDR to say, 150 MHz DDR), also overclock the graphics part of the IGP? If so, then one could likely improve the performance of the GF2 MX to perhaps GTS speeds.

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  1. Hmmm... that is a very interesting thought. If it's true then the nforce could be an overclocker's dream...

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  2. The GF2 core runs at 175Mhz. The chip uses multiple clocks. You'd probably overclock by setting a register for the graphics core.

    However, it's more a memory bandwidth issue. The core is still fighting for the 4.2 GByte/s the whole system is using. I'd rather put in a GF3 or newer card and save that memory bandwidth for other uses. Last thing you want is your FSB acting funny due to heat; not only will graphics stability suffer, the entire system will.

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