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Hello everyone. I've ran into a little mystery of sorts, When I play Half-Life 2 based games (Games running on the Source Engine) Like Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike:Source on Steam, Every video setting goes up to High exept Textures witch will go up to very high. I was wondering why that is? I would like everything to go up to very high if possible. This happens on all Source games except Lost Coast for some odd reason... I have a 6 core gaming rig with 4gb of DDR3 RAM and a XFX 9600 GSO with Windows 7 64-bit. I can handle most games max except Crysis gets a little choppy at parts. Thanks!
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  1. There's nothing wrong with your setup or anything, that's just how it is.
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    hl2 is a very old game. still a very good 1 but it cant setup the game properly because it doesn't recognize the gfx card but will check the ram size. so will just read the size of ram and set the settings that it can use for it. the rest you will have to set by hand.
  3. How do you know how "high" High is? It's just labels, just because there is a Very High setting in one thing it does not mean the rest need to have a Very High setting as well. I can say my car that goes 150mph is Very Fast, while someone else can say their 150mph car is Fast. Both run at the same speeds, just different labels.
  4. wow thats so deep. i mean WOW!!!!... thats like so profound... nope thats not what it is... pretentious thats it... :)
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  6. huh well thanks everyone ill find out how to do it manualy
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