How to fix the slow fps problem

hi guys i have a problem in my computer when i play games they are fast and awesome and then after 5 minutes the games become so slow and lagy and totaly unplaybale so if someone can help please help me.
i tried gta iv and gta san andreas and other games all begin fast then become slow so what is the reason?
my PC specs:
Intel pentium 4 3.00 ghz (2mb cache)
nvidia geforce 9500 gt DDR2 1g of video ram
2g of rams DDR2
motherboard:gigabyte g41m-esl2

i tried to play games on low graphic options with no difference

so can anyone help me please this is very serius and i dont know what to do
:( :(
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  1. I'm surprised you can play GTA:IV with that CPU.

    But taking your word for it, if all is well in the first 5 mins and then become increasingly laggy, could be background applications bottlenecking your CPU (or malwares).

    Not sure which version of Windows you have but try to monitor your computer from just before launching the game until you exit our of it 5-10 minutes later). You might be able to pick up what's clogging your performance.
  2. i have windows xp sp3 should i change to windows 7 or what
  3. you need a faster quad core processor, a video card that can handle demanding games and you need more memory. a new operating system won't help anything.
  4. Swifty, bad processing is apparently not the cause of the problem, since games run well for a while.
    I think RAM could be the issue; can you get another 2gb?
  5. the game is running perfectly with the full speed but after 5 or 10 minutes the fps drops and the game become very slow what should i do
  6. the game doesnt run well at all. not even for 5 mins it will be running at a snales pace at minmum rez and settings. you cant get more than 15 fps with that card and cpu. i know coz i have tried running gta4 on a P43.4ghz and a 95gt the cpu becomes so overwhelmed it cant do anything and runs at 100% it starts holding up other system tasks to the point the system has effectively locked up and the temps shoot up. next event is the throttling which happens after about 7 mins... theres nothing you can do about it other than buy new hardware and stop torturing your old hardware with games that it doesnt meet requirments for.
    adding more ram isnt gonna help either.
    your pc is just to old for this game. the game is badly coded and needs a minimum of a dual core to run. so just forget about it till you can either spend some money on pc hardware or buy a console....
    infact the best thing you could do is stop trying to play gtz4 and get gta 3 its a better game anyway as are vice city and sanandreas
  7. when i play san andreas the same problem happens this problem happens to all the games that i play including gta sa and gta iv and cod4 and gunz online
  8. well that should tell you its not the games thats the problem its your system...
    its a heat issue... so more cooling. bigger/better case fans. better cpu cooler.
  9. bounce: :bounce:


    I have the same problem. But I saw the Solution from another thread .



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