Crysis 2 DX11 Ultra + High Res, Benchmarks

Just curious what kind of benchmarks people are getting on your systems with the DX11 and high res texture patch's?

You can download the packs here:

Info on them:

I just downloaded them last night, haven't had a chance to do a full fledged benchmark yet. It did mess up 3D on my system though, but it is supposed to work if you turn off DX 11, haven't tried it yet though. At work at the moment, so I can't post my benchmarks today, but i'll try and run them 2mro if I get time.

Each pack requires about 750mb of Vram, so if you run both it's 1500mb.

Curious how your systems run with the new updates, any problems, ect.

I am running two gtx 480's in SLI, Vram is peaked, getting on average 60-70FPS during gameplay.
1920 x 1200, everything ultra settings, motion blur off. (Again I'll benchmark it tomorrow when I'm at home and post). :D
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  1. I haven't run the benchmark yet. The thing is asking me to run it from a folder with no spaces in the name. What's that about?
  2. Dunno, havent tried running it yet myself. Sorry.
  3. I just ran the benchmark. Twice.

    This is with a 6950 crossfire setup, on an i7 920 @ 4.0ghz at 1920x1200.

    The first time, I had a bunch of stuff open and the average was around 45. After closing everything down, and running the benchmark, I scored:
    Avg: 54.145
    Min: 40.783
    Max: 63.331
  4. An interesting note. When I ran the regular game with Aero open, I lost 10-20 FPS, though still playable. Running with open folders and firefox with the benchmark had about a 10 FPS difference.

    It seems interesting to me that having more RAM available increases FPS. Normally it takes a game that goes from a jerky mess to great FPS when I run low on RAM, but this game, having stuff open and taking away ram caused just a reduction in FPS, while still remaining smooth.

    I wonder how this would play with 8GB or 12GB.
  5. i have 6 and it plays fine on my setup...
  6. Those are decent FPS. Is that the 2gb ver. or 1gb ver. just curious ?
  7. 2gb version and the 6950's are with unlocked shaders overclocked to 885/1375.
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