Is my Acer P224w LCD compatible w/ PS3?

Edit: After scouring Tom's and the rest of the 'net I still can't find a solution!

Sorry for posting yet another of these threads.

Recently I bought a PS3 slim with the hope of connecting it to my LCD Monitor. I purchased an HDMI cable and an adapter to use with it, namely HDMI female to DVI male (24 pins). The HDMI cable works perfectly when hooked up to a friend's HDMI tv, so I know the cable is not faulty. The adapter is untested as I do not have access to another right now.

My monitor is an Acer p224w, is HDCP enabled, has VGA and DVI-D inputs, and supports a max resolution of 1680x1050 which is greater than 720p, meaning it should work (I think?).

Monitor specs:

The closest to success I have come is simultaneously hooking up the console to both my monitor, via HDMI > DVI, and to a tube screen TV via the A/V cables that came with the system. I turn it on and use the old tv to navigate around the system settings, and change to HDMI. Naturally the CRT tv goes blank, while my Acer starts to flicker, before either doing 1) nothing, and remaining blank, or 2) reverting back to the 'no signal detected' screen.

Some possibilities, yet untested (won't be able to test for a few days hence this message thread):
- My specific model of Acer simply wont work with PS3. This is supported by having absolutely no mention of anyone attempting, let alone successfully using a P224w with a playstation 3. :P

- The adapter idea is bogus, and I should instead use a straight HDMI to DVI cable and skip the extra piece. In my mind though, the two should perform identically, shouldn't they...?

- I need to completely set up the HDMI settings and optimize them for my monitor on a normal HDMI/HDCP device before transferring the console over to my Acer monitor. This would include (I think?) setting video to HDMI -> 480p and 720p and setting audio to play through the stereo red/white composite cables.

- HDMI includes both audio and video simultaneously, so simply trying to switch HDMI over to the monitor will confuse or overload it, and I would need to set up the system to output video and audio separately before using LCD monitor. I guess this goes with the above point...

Thanks for your time and suggestions! I'll edit this post or follow up if I can get it to work, I know I can't be the only one out there with this exact setup!
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  1. why do you need hdmi to dvi when the monitor already has an hdmi port?

    I don't see any supported resolutions listed on the spec page, so the only one to go by is the maximum specified of 1680 × 1050, which is not an HD resolution and PS3 probably cannot even produce that resolution.

    if your monitor has audio out, then use those to connect the speakers and use a straight hdmi cable to hook it up to ps3

    if not you need a splitter for audio cables (typically it's an Hdmi to DVI+rca) (or PS3 to DVI+rca if like ps2 it has a dedicated ps3 jack)
  2. HDMI Port: Ok this is strange... I don't know why the specs page said that but my monitor has no HDMI port, strictly VGA and DVI-D. I never noticed that in the specs... And I promise that I didn't grab the wrong specs page by mistake too :) It's says p224w for sure on my monitor's case, unless some intern at Acer slapped the wrong one on...

    Supported resolutions: This brings up a point that I guess I'm still not clear on. When the monitor isn't being managed by a PC video card, does it just default to its' max rez? That would explain why I'm getting no video, since my only options in the PS3 would be 480i (640x480) and 720p (1280×720), neither of which obviously are 1680x1050.
    Edit: I'm not sure if this is the same thing but just playing with the monitor rez settings while it's hooked up to my PC showed me that my monitor can indeed be set to the aforementioned rez including 1280x720 (720p).

    Audio setup: As far as audio goes I think I'm pretty well squared away; I was going to run the audio through my logitech sub/speaker combo, using a female to male adapter/RCA audio to 3.5mm jack. I was just going to cross that bridge when I got there after getting the video sorted first.
  3. well the monitor will display whatever signal it is being fed as long as it can reproduce the resolution specified. So, it seems that in your case it should support the 720p so as long as you config your PS3 to output that resolution you should be ok.

    make sure that ps3 knows that the signal needs to be for a widescreen res (16:9), otherwise it might think that you want a 4:3. Although, your monitor seems to have a native res for 16:10.

    have you tried using your PS3 on your friends HDTV? do you know for sure that the 720p option works on something different than your monitor?
  4. Ok got it; also, it should still work with a slightly different ratio right? Perhaps just stretched a little differently at 16:10 vs 16:9?

    And yes I was able to configure it to 720p on another HDTV using my same hdmi cable, that's actually how I tried it the first time, changing PS3 video output to HDMI, 480i and 720p boxes both checked, before unplugging it all and moving it to my monitor.

    Thanks for the input!
  5. you need a simple hdmi to dvi adapter.
  6. mk-ultra said:
    you need a simple hdmi to dvi adapter.

    and if you've read the topic you would know that he has one...
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