What if any upgrades for BF3??

I want to be able to play BF3 with a decent level of quality at 1680x1050.

BF3 system specs:


My system:
Windows 7 64bit
Core2Duo E7500 @ 3.8Ghz
4 GB DDR 2 800
Geforce 8800 GT 512 mb ram
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  1. Most likely your GPU and ram, If only DDR2 is supported then your mobo and cpu as well, so potentially your entire build
  2. FlintIronStagg said:
    Most likely your GPU and ram, If only DDR2 is supported then your mobo and cpu as well, so potentially your entire build

    He should build a PC like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZPG0KON3pU&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

    Ok now for real: I think if you can just build a new PC when that games comes out. If not wanting to pay that much then new GPU is #1 for this type of game. If just asking and not wanting to pay at all then you should be able to play it, but at near min setings.

    P.S I wish I could see a uber system in perion.
  3. It is my own custom rig already, just wondering where cash would best be spent. I could get up to a core2quad, and my max RAM speed is 1066, but I would think getting a new video card would be best?
  4. 1066 isnt bad and a core 2 quad isnt too bad, a new vid card would put that system a little bit closer to what you want, but i fear a core 2 depending on what version might bottleneck your system
  5. buying a new gpu for a battlefield game is not a good idea.
    the games are more cpu dependant than most and use as many cores and threads as you can give them. so in this case a cpu would be the logical upgrade.
    reason. if you only have a dual but a fairly powerfull gfx card like a 4870 or above then your gfx will only ever reach about 50 percent usage and get terrible frame rates.
    a quad on the other hand will max out your gpu to 100% thus give you much better performance.
    at the moment your system is very balanced. for dualcore gaming.
    to do the same for quad-core gaming your looking at a q8300 or q8400 and a gtx260 to gtx460...
    if you can afford to spend about £400/$600 you could skip a gen and get a 2500k p67 4 gig of ram and a gtx 460
    this would be a fairly reasonable system that would accept another 460 later and still give a good performance bump.
  6. So if I upgrade to a i5 2500k, mobo/ram/cpu it will max my budget for the year. Will my Geforce 8800 GT 512 mb ram, be able to play the game with moderately nice graphics @ 1680x1050. I wouldn't have cash for a new GPU till spring next year really.

    Would it possibly be better to wait for LGA 2011 before I upgrade to a new mobo/cpu? It seems they are changing sockets so fast that I would hope to get a current enough socket so that I dont have to upgrade my mobo again I upgrade. LGA 775 lasted me a good while.
  7. There is no point in getting the socket 2011 over the socket 1155. This release generation (like the last) Intel is using two completely different CPU sockets. Socket 2011 is for servers, workstations and Extremely high end home users. Unless you are editing video or 3D rendering DO NOT GET socket 2011.

    Socket 1155 is aimed at gamers and mainstream users. The best game performance is achieved with either a 2500K or 2600K CPU. I suggest that you get one of these.

    -- Both socket 2011 and 1155 will receive the 22nm Ivy Bridge-E/Ivy Bridge upgrade with PCIe3.0 sometime next year with the 1155 getting the upgrade first (presumably). Get one of the MSI z68 boards with USB 3.0 support if buying at the moment.

    If you cannot upgrade the GPU with the rest of your system, I would suggest that you just sit tight for the moment with your current system and upgrade the lot next year when you have enough money. That computer with some overclocking should be able to play the game for the moment and you'll have your computer upgrade to look forward to. You really won't notice any difference unless you upgrade that computer completely.

    When you upgrade, get either the Ivy Bridge 1155 or Bulldozer 2nd Generation next year with an AMD radeon 7950 or 7970. That should be able to play the game on max, and will use less power that any system that you build now.
  8. Thanks, so far its running the beta just fine.
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